Tupelo, Miss. (CBS HOUSTON) — The American Family Association is calling for a one-month boycott of RadioShack due to the company’s alleged censorship of the word “Christmas” in its product advertisements and website.

The non-profit organization started by Methodist pastor Donald E. Wildmon in 1977, states that it’s “one of the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the country with hundreds of thousands of online supporters.”

The AFA is calling for the “limited one-month boycott” of the Fort Worth-based electronics company for repeated promotions using the word “holiday” rather than the title of the actual Christian holiday. The AFA notes that the word “Christmas” cannot be found in any search result on Radioshack’s website, and is calling for people to sign a “Scrooge Alert” boycott pledge against the company.

“Radio Shack is censoring the word Christmas, pure and simple. Yet the company wants all the people who celebrate Christmas to do their shopping at its stores,” reads the pledge.

“Until Radio Shack proves it recognizes Christmas by using it in their newspaper, radio and television advertising or in-store signage, the boycott will be promoted throughout this Christmas season.”

“Bah, Humbug!” it concludes.

The AFA’s website says its mission is to: “inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture, and give aid to the church here and abroad in its task of fulfilling the Great Commission.”

The group has also compiled a list of “Naughty or Nice” companies that are either regularly for, marginally for, or simply against Christmas. There is also an “AFA 5-Star” rating for companies that promote and celebrate Christmas exceptionally.

Included in the companies with the “5-Star” rating are Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.

Those included in the “against” column are Barnes & Noble, Family Dollar, Pet Smart, Victoria’s Secret and Foot Locker.

In 2012, the AFA garnered media attention by responding to protests against Chick-Fil-A’s support of traditional marriage. The AFA promoted “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” in opposition to the pro-gay marriage pickets outside the fast-food chain.


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