(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

The Texans season is a disaster. We get it. Everyone associated with this team gets it. Whether it’s Bob McNair or the ticket-takers or the parking lot attendant.

The Texans are the worst team in the NFL.

That humbling realization after another embarrassing loss – are they even embarrassing anymore when you expect it? – to the previously worst team in the NFL, Jacksonville, led a lot of folks on 610, Twitter, and by smokestack to suggest that it’s time for Gary Kubiak to go. Immediately. Forget waiting til the end of the season – give Gary his walking papers now.

I say, why?

Firing Gary Kubiak at this point of the season with five games left on the schedule isn’t going to do anything to further damage this team. Hell, it might actually invigorate a player or two.

After Sunday’s ninth loss in a row, Gary Kubiak’s official record as head coach of the Houston Texans dipped back under .500 as his seven plus years of service has netted this organization 61 wins and 62 losses under his guidance.

He is what we thought he was – average.

Bob McNair is a loyal man, I don’t know him personally, but that sure seems to be the narrative coming from anyone I’ve ever talked to about him, and his decision to keep Kubiak after a disappointing 2010 only confirms that notion.

Yet, there’s no turning back from this year’s debacle, and even McNair knows that. But firing Kubiak makes no sense. With this train wreck of a season nearing the final stretch, this is what McNair has to think about heading into what is tantamount to a remodeling year in 2014.

è New Head Coach. Duh. Perhaps someone with a demeanor that suggests accountability, has a little snap to him and doesn’t take the blame for EVERYTHING.

è New GM. Yeah, I know last week I waffled on whether or not Rick Smith should stay. He shouldn’t. This year has been so bad, and in the grand scheme of things, good drafts be damned, the Ed Reed signing, the faulty extensions and shoddy cap management has left this team with next to no wiggle room and that falls on the GM. Rick, it’s been real my man. And take your boy Wade ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’ Phillips with ya. PEACE OUT.

è No more names to games. Homecoming, deep this day, liberty that day, bring my daughter to a game day – STOP IT ALREADY. THIS IS THE NFL. You don’t need a cute theme to every game. Here’s a theme for you – go out and win games and get to a SUPER BOWL DAY.

Quick random side note – We suggested this on The Fred and Ted Show last week, but this team doesn’t have the personnel to run a good 3-4 anymore, so let’s fire up that 4-3 and get to going. JJ as a 4-3 defensive end just sounds scary, it’s time to move Brooks Reed to the middle and place the now oft-injured Brian Cushing at the outside spot, where he’ll more of a force and won’t take on the kind of blocks he’s had to take on as a 3-4 MLB. Just an idea.

I know it’s been depressing watching this team play as poorly as it has, and at this point, anything less than a full scale house cleaning would be a travesty. Errybody gots to go.

But let’s let Kubiak finish what he started. Let’s call it a Kubiak Farewell Tour if you will.

Think about it – he never beat Indy at their place during his tenure here. Let’s give him one more dang shot. His teams have routinely been embarrassed by Brady and Belichick. Don’t we owe to him to get embarrassed once more? And then the ultimate slap in the face – if the rumor is true that it was Kubiak who stood by Matt Schaub and convinced McNair and Smith that the competitor of all competitors, Numero Ocho – was a better option than Manning – who allegedly WANTED to be a Texan – isn’t it only fair that Kubiak’s last home game as head coach of the Texans be against Peyton Manning so we can all wonder aloud ‘what might have been?’

Forget firing Kubiak – he’s made his bed – now let him lie in it for the next five games.

Besides, who do you want to take his place as interim? His defensive clone, Wade Phillips? I think not.


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