By JULIE TAKAHASHI, SportsRadio 610
(Photo Credit: Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS Houston)– The Houston Astros will held a press conference Friday at Minute Maid Park in reference to Astros Owner and Chairman Jim Crane filing a lawsuit against the former owner, Drayton McLane, NBC Universal Media and Comcast Corp.

“We called the press conference today because we feel it’s important to provide you and our fans with some insight to the lawsuit that we filed yesterday and to provide you with an accurate picture of these issues. We have been stunned and extremely disappointed by our partners during this process, which we will explain momentarily. But before doing so we want to once again remind our fans what our goals are and to reiterate that the plan for the ballclub is coming together very well.”

“Our minor league system has been our top priority when we took over the team two years ago and it has improved dramatically. We had had the lowest ranked system in 2011 and now we are widely regarded as one of the top minor league systems in baseball.”

The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday, accuse the three for allegedly misrepresentation, fraud and conspiracy.

“Fixing our Minor League and Major League has been our priority. Our other focus has been to secure a TV deal that’s good for the Astros and our fans. We want our fans to be able to see our games and we want our financial stability to be able to field a team that can compete for championships. We want a deal that is inline with teams that we are competing with. Without a competitive TV deal we not be able to compete year in and year out.”

Current Astros owner said he was “duped” by the former when he bought McLane’s network interest based on what he Crane says as “knowing misrepresentations” and “falsely inflated subscription rates.”

“We did not buy this team to field a low payroll, we bought this team to consistently compete for championships and you can not do that unless you have a good TV deal. It’s been extremely frustrating and disappointing to us and our fans that have not been able to see and watch a lot these games. We know our fans are frustrated, we hear you and we feel the same way.”

Check back  for updates after the press conference.

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