By Garret Heinrich

LEON NEAL/Getty Images

Time Magazine has created a formula for getting paid for your Twitter account.   They created the little formula on their website around a story that Twitter “has a market capitalization of at least $24.9 billion.”  That has caused some of the users to wonder why they aren’t getting paid for what they see as making money for other people.

At SportsRadio610 we love Twitter! We use it all the time.  So how much money, based on Time’s formula, would we be owed from that happy little bird?

Here is the breakdown for our jocks and the money Time estimates Twitter would owe them:

Nick Wright – $23,180
Josh Innes – $4,476
Mike Meltser – $3,052
John Lopez – $1,387
Seth Payne – $1,063
Patrick Creighton – $696
Paul Gallant – $634
Brien Straw – $377
Fred Davis – $183
Will Grubb – $153
Ted Johnson – $131
Julie Takahashi – $86
Robert Henslee – $61
Nate Griffin – $36
Garret Heinrich – $7
Rich Lord – $0

Yep, Nick Wright is taking the staff to dinner. Josh can pick up the tip.

Time estimates that Justin Bieber should be owed upwards of $20 million.

Find out how much you should get from Twitter.



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