By: BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis
Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans

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One of my best friends just went through one of the more difficult situations we, as humans have to deal with. His 75-year-old father was strapped to a ventilator and being given heavy doses of medication to keep his blood pressure at a somewhat stable level, and oxygen to keep him alive. As difficult as it was for him to come to the realization that his father’s time had come, it was a recognition that his stepmother refused to accept.

As he related this situtaion to me, his frustration was growing because his dad had been unresponsive for days, yet his stepmother continued to instruct the medical staff to intervene with god’s will. Ultimately, after eight days, his father was taken off the ventilator and peaceably passed after briefly regaining consciousness long enough to utter his last words, “I’m tired.”

As my good friend reflected on this difficult situation, he called the process a learning experience. He was immediately going to create a living will for he and his wife. In difficult times emotions run high and it can become almost impossible to think clearly.

This is the position I see Texans owner Bob McNair placed in. His team is metaphorically alive simply because of the outstanding care provided by Houston Methodist. For an owner that places such a high value on friendships and making honorable decisions, his emotions apparently prevent him from coming to the proper conclusion. It’s time to pull the plug. Clean house.

Gary Kubiak can no longer motivate his team or put his offense into positions where it can be successful. While Wade Phillips’ defense is among the league leaders in yards surrendered, it’s 28th in points allowed. An organization that seemed a quarterback short of being the most talented in the league now looks to have more holes than Sonny Corleone’s car following his tollbooth assassination in the Godfather.

With six games remaining we as Texans fans are forced to watch this team – essentially strapped to life support – waiting for Mr. McNair to sign the “Do Not Resuscitate” papers and allow us to move on from the agony of not knowing when this dreadful situation will end, and procede to a grieving process over unrealized expectations and finally move forward to a hopefully brighter future.

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