(Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

(Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS Houston) – There are many words to describe Andre Johnson. Tough. Explosive. A true-professional. And a future Hall of Famer.

He has played through five losing season and only made the playoffs twice in a Texans uniform. But even through the toughest of times, he’s never once complained.

Sunday’s 28-23 loss to the Raiders may have finally pushed the 11-year veteran to a breaking point.

After the Texans final offensive play, Johnson and Matt Schaub were involved in a heated exchanged. Johnson then walked off the field before the game was over. When asked by reporters if Houston was where he wanted to be going forward, his reply wasn’t reassuring .

“I’m under contract so I have to play my contract out,” Johnson said. ” I can’t do anything about that.”

As usual, Johnson chose to take the high road. Instead of blaming Matt Schaub he held himself accountable.

“I messed up. I’ll just put it like that,” Johnson said. “Me and Matt (Schaub) have played a lot of football together and things like that happen.”

Johnson’s class is undeniable. But at the age of 32, it would only be natural to wonder if his best chance to win is behind him. The Texans are 2-8, in need of a franchise quarterback, and severely hampered by the salary cap. It would certainly be within Johnson’s power to ask for a trade.

“I never asked for a trade.” Johnson said when prompted if he was considering the option. He then asked reporters, “Did you hear anything about that? Well then okay.”

It’s not in Johnson’s DNA to ask for a trade but ponder this: if he did, would you blame him?

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