(Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS HOUSTON): Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak returned to practice Thursday for the first time since being hospitalized at the half of Sunday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Kubiak arrived after practice had already begun, and was not a part of the planning or execution of the practice, but did tell team officials he would make an appearance today to see the team and the coaches.

According to Interim Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips, Kubiak came out towards the end of practice and spoke with many of the players, as well as the coaches.

Phillips described Kubiak as looking well, and being in good spirits.

While Phillips and the coaches may have known about Kubiak’s intent to attend practice, the players did not.   To a man, they were pleasantly surprised.

“We had no idea,” tackle Duane Brown said when asked if the team had been tipped off to Kubiak’s attendance.  “That was a big surprise, right in the middle of practice, to see him walk out there.  It was heartwarming.”

“It just lifted our spirits to see him up and walking about,” Brown continued.  “That meant the world to us.”

Cornerback Jonathan Joseph echoed that sentiment.  “He just gave guys even more energy throughout practice, and just lifted us up a little bit.”

While everyone was happy to see Coach Kubiak at practice, he is not expected to travel with the team to Arizona this weekend, and no timetable has been established for his return.



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