HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) — As part of a larger discussion on immigration reform, “Waiting to Exhale” author Terry McMillan looked to re-iterate her labeling Sen. Marco Rubio an “Uncle Tom,” and went on to compare Sen. Ted Cruz to Hitler.

During a September conversation about her new book, “Who Asked You?” McMillan had told Huffington Post about her distaste for Republican opposition to immigration reform and the Dream Act.

“I think [Marco Rubio’s an Uncle Tom anyway – and Ted Cruz,” McMillan tweeted at the time.

Joining in to clarify her comment in the HuffPost Live blog yesterday, McMillan tweeted, “I meant it then and I feel the same way about Rubio, but Ted is worse. He acts more like Hitler.”


McMillan responded to one commenter’s shock at the comment, responding, “If you listen to him honestly, you’ll hear his evilness and his sense of self-righteousness. Duh.”

Prior to McMillan’s comments, Media Matters’ Oliver Willis sparked the debate, writing, “dear conservatives, nothing more endearing that [sic] straight white people (esp men) lecturing everyone else on whats REALLY discrimination.”

“[C]onservative minorities are often looking to emulate jesus carrying the cross when so many are just cashing a check,” he later tweeted.

McMillan did not finish the Twitter tirade after the first few comments, she later tweeted at Sen. Ted Cruz: “You shouldn’t be on the radio spreading silly dogma.”

“Some folks need to pray for clarity especially when  hatred and racism and self-righteousness is what drives them,” she wrote. She went on to post a link to an online petition looking to “shut down” the Tea Party.

In addition to authoring “Waiting to Exhale,” McMillan also wrote “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and “Disappearing Acts.”


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