Minnesota Vikings v New York Giants

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Week Seven was what some would call a learning experience. Whether it was for the Houston Texans, Case Keenum, Eagles quarterbacks, or Mike Meltser and Seth Payne from MaD radio.

The MaD radio boys share what they picked up from immersing themselves in football this past week:


  • Josh Freeman had no business starting that football game against the Giants on Monday night. 20/53, 190, and 1 INT. His QBR was 6.1, which makes Matt Schaub’s 2013 look like a Joe Montana Hall of Fame season.
  • I’m not sure if I am a believer in the Bengals, but they’ve found a way to win 2 close games (Bills, Lions) en route to a 5-2 record and a 3 game winning streak. All of a sudden, the 5-2 Bengals hosting the 4-3 Jets looks like a very interesting Week 8 game.
  • I’d be a little worried about Tom Brady right now, if I was Bill Belichick. He’s completing 55.4% of his passes this season (down from 63.4% over his career). Last 3 games = 1 TD, 3 INT. Brady was shaky against the Jets, throwing a pick6 and routinely missing open receivers down the field. This is a situation that bears a lot of watching over the next few months.
  • Two weeks after I called for the dismissal of Ron Rivera, the Panthers doubled up the Rams 30-15. I am stealing this take from someone on Twitter (I honestly forget who) but two teams that seem to play better when their QBs run more include the 49ers and Panthers. Cam Newton ran 10 times on Sunday, and was a very efficient 15/17 for 204 yards and a TD pass. I know this is early, but Carolina *could* be in the wild card hunt.
  • Nice coaching job by Mike Tomlin to grind out two straight wins (Jets, Ravens) for his now 2-4 Steelers. It would take a miraculous comeback to actually do some damage, but this is good reaction to adversity. Meanwhile, the Ravens are 3-4 and have the look of a team that may be in for an 8-8 type season.


  • In taking calls about the release of the three Texans players who violated team rules at the hotel in Kansas City, I learned that people do share non-blunt Black and Milds, that Willie Jefferson once fell asleep in a drive through, and that Black and Tan is a drink that has nothing to do with any of this.
  • I learned that Josh Freeman’s arm is strong. I could tell because a lot of rubber pebbles flew up from the turf every time he rocketed a ball into the turf on Monday night.
  • I learned that the Denver Broncos have a genuine problem on defense despite the return of Champ Bailey and Von Miller.

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