(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Here at Sports Radio 610 we are always looking to grow as fans of the NFL. We take every week in stride and try to learn more about the game we love. So, each week we present to you ‘What We Learned’, where we tell you the most important things from the last week of games in the NFL. At least to us.

John Lopez:

Matt Schaub is NOT a quarterback who can carry this team to Super Bowl. We figured as much before Sunday. But what we learned — apparently neither are T.J. Yates and Case Keenum.

If Gary Kubiak had the confidence in either of his backups we would have seen them last week and Kubiak would not hesitate to bench an injured Schaub this week.

Clearly no matter what happens this season, the Texans will draft a quarterback with a premium pick — most likely a first around pick.

Josh Innes:

1. The Texans Are Atrocious

2. The Texans and Media care more about a few dumbasses cheering Schaubs injury than the fact that they are atrocious

3. The Schaub/Kubiak era should have ended on Sunday.

4. For some reason the Schaub/Kubiak era will never end.

5. We can repeat this same “What We Learned” next week with #2 excluded.

Seth Payne:

  • We learned that people will rationalize cheering while a player is injured on the turf by saying that they were cheering for the subsequent quarterback change, which is like saying that it’s okay to make out with your new girlfriend at your dead wife’s funeral.
  • We learned that training camp, six weeks of the regular season, and some regular season playing time for T.J. Yates wasn’t enough of a sample size for Kubiak to make a decision about which QB will play if Schaub doesn’t go.
  • We learned that Chip Kelly’s offense can function well without a dynamic athlete at quarterback.  He looks at the quarterback position as a type of point guard.  Athleticism helps, but intelligently distributing the ball is the most important factor.
  • We learned that Philip Rivers is expecting his seventh child by the same woman!  And she’s his wife!  We also learned that there’s an italics button on Gmail!
  • We learned that the Chiefs racked up 10 sacks versus the Raiders on a day that the fans set a new world record for loudest outdoor stadium.  This made me a tad less excited about starting a young quarterback against Kansas City.

Mike Meltser:

  • I’m still not sure if we can trust the Bengals. A week after shutting down the Patriots in an impressive win, Cincinnati had to go down the wire in overtime to edge the Bills 27-24. This was, mind you, with Buffalo starting Thad Lewis at QB. Even at 4-2, I’m in wait-and-see mode on the Bengals
  • I have a feeling Michael Vick’s hamstring injury will take a bit longer to heal. Nick Foles threw for almost 300 yards and 3 TDs against the Bucs, and looked like the steadier option compared to the mistake-prone Vick. LeSean McCoy continues to be very explosive, and I think Chip Kelly feels more comfortable with Foles (for the moment).
  • People say moral victories don’t exist in the NFL, but the Jaguars got one on Sunday. Considering this matchup featured the worst team in the NFL against arguably the best, kudos to Jacksonville for putting up a fight and losing 35-19. They made competitive into the 4th quarter. Plus, Justin Blackmon had 14 receptions for 190 yards, which bodes well for the future.
  • We learned the Redskins are finished at 1-4. Not much of a fight against Dallas on SNF, and Robert Griffin III just doesn’t look 100%. Some seasons just have a feel of a team “not firing,” and the Redskins give me that feel. RG3 hasn’t had a QBR above 50 in any game this season

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