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(credit: Thinkstock)

(credit: Thinkstock)

Are you MaD About something?   Every Wednesday we do a segment called Screw ‘Em in which texters can sound off about who or what is aggravating them.  There are too many to read on air, so from now on I’ll post a bunch of them on the website.

Disclaimer:  These were not edited, not because we are lazy but because

To the MILF who says she’ll cheer up too a ACL tear #Screw’em

To Seth for ora gone

Seth:  I pronounce “Oregon” correctly.  People from Oregon pronounce it incorrectly.

To the people who planned this screw em segment SCREW EM

To Seth for Being ineffective for two years

Seth:  That was just self deprecating humor.  I was awesome right up to the end.

To Bob Costas, screw em

Seth:  You could teach Costas the value of brevity.

To Seth being buddy buddy with david Carr

To Seth for not being friends with Schaub

To lebron getting the nba preview cover on espn the mag

Crazy hot soccer moms

Seth:  I can’t comment because I’m in regular contact with many hot soccer moms.

To Marty Mcfly messing up the space time continuum

For the 610 screen caller who would not let me on air to talk about a Kubiak replacement..screw em

To the girl who gave the wrong damm number

Seth:  She’s a skank anyway.

To jj watt for sucking on sunday

Seth:  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up there fellah.

To Kubiaks press conference answers or lack thereof

To President Obama for admitting to doing a little coke and smoking pot but maintaining the drug war.

To the Renn Fest for screwing up traffic for 2 months in Magnolia…go home you freaks! Screw em!

Matt Shaub’s arm! Screw Em! 3 Peace Dave!

To bob mcnair for not tanking and blowing up the team to rebuild this season because its over! #ScrewEm

To anybody trying to body chandler parsons #screwem My boy is yolked!

To the website which tells you if someone has died in the house you’re thinking of buying Pastor P

To those saying we can’t make the playoffs

This produce truck blocking me in at Subway so I can’t get back to the office. – Screw Em

Seth:  I have this image of a produce trucker dressed and acting like a haughty vegan.

To Jim Irsay for hating on the man who turned your franchise into something that matters! SCREW EM! Nick

Seth:  True.  Daddy gave you the team, Peyton gave you the ring.

To my former employer for firing me for being sick…screw em

Seth:  I think that’s illegal unless you’re talking “sick” as in you watch fetish porn at the office.

To dead beet dads. They should dress like a father for Halloween

Seth:  Beet juice is nasty.

To Seth’s friend for failing in Fear Factor

Seth:  No way man.  The producers conspired against him and his hot girlfriend.

To George R.R. Martin for not finishing Winds of Winter, screw em

To the Panama Soccer team complaining about USA playing too hard . Travis in sugarland

to madd radio for talking to much during screw em

Seth:  We too disapprove of drunk driving.

To hot female firefighters… I’d like to

Seth:  That is wholly inappropriate and also accurate.

To our Federal Government who cant do a budget ObamaCare -Screw Em

Seth responds:  More accurately, screw those within the federal govt. who can’t do a budget.

Work interference with my jiu jitsu SCREW EM! !

Seth responds:  It wouldn’t interfere with your work if you’d man up and open a jiu jitsu studio.

To nick wright for defending the cheering fans

Too dumb broad who called on tues……..i say screw her….she sounds hot..milf…..maybe she has big cans?

Seth:  Too much to address here.

To Obamacare and paying for other people’s healthcare

To Mike and Seth for talking too damn much thru the “SCREW EM” segment.. -Big Justin

To Seth for crying about his boy Schaub getting cheered for a boo. Its an ankle!

Seth:  First, Schaub is not my boy.  Second, I wouldn’t want you to cheer my worst enemy’s injury.

To the idiot who wanted Mexico out of the world cup! T.P. The Texan in Atlanta!

To Mike for hating on my cardinals

Seth:  He wasn’t hating on the Cardinals, he was hating on Cardinals fans (hating on you).

To mike for not being a “cheerleader guy”

Seth:  I hadn’t heard that, but it sounds like Mike.

To Mario Williams for donating HPD ghost cars who jus gave m a ticket on I 10!!

To Jim Crane and The Astros for being greedy with the CSN Houston deal

To TJ Yates for losing me money on his damn performance -Big Justin

to cuba for sux so bad puig came ovet

Seth:  He came for our great schools.

To CSN & the Astros if I can’t watch Rockets games this year!

Seth:  This is getting serious.

For the picky home owners I have to build houses for Screw Them

To who the hell ever didn’t grab Peyton Manning when we had a chance.

To Amy the dumb bimbo! T.P. The Texan in Atlanta!

To kubiak for not calling plays to hit the endzone from 30 yards out

To the government shutdown Pastor P

To Arrowhead Stadium for forcing me to wear my steel blue Schaub’s jersey at the KC game on Sunday.

To the texans just tank and get Johnny football

Seth:  Tanking for mid first round (potentially) is a novel concept.

To my wife who wears yoga pants out in public.

Seth:  Where do you guys live and shop?

burning US flag in public

Seth:  Doing it privately is okay?

To Rick Dinesson , what exactly does he do????????

Seth:  He actually does quite a bit of stuff.  There, that clarifies that.

To all who defy Seth!

Seth:  That’s God’s opinion as well.

To 290 traffic Pastor P

To Kubiak’s play calling schemes

Screw Seth and Mike for not saying my screw em on air

To Bob McNair for not firing Kubiak right after the St Louis Rams game!

To Mad-radio show really suck

To Erin Andrews – Screw em

To the oilers wearing Texan jerseys. We have paid enough!

To the moron that wanted Mexico out of the world cup T.P. The Texan in Atlanta!

Mexico for loosing and needing USA to save them #Screw’em -Birdy

To the Colts leading the afc south screw em

To KUBIAK 4 not firing himself !!!!

To David Carr’s bandaid wedding ring

Screw my local mexican restaurant for running my card 9x @ $94 each the other day when i took my family out to dinner.

To all the teams better than the Texans

Seth:  That’s only like 3 teams (response from August 14)

To the pawn shop for not giving me more for my used movies, screw em

Seth:  You’ll get more if you have sex with Ray J.

To Jonathan Joseph who hasn’t himself turned the blank up this season – screw him. From JP.


Seth:  He’s like a more sedate John Clayton.

To nosey employees

Seth:  Always with the “Where are my benefits” and “Why are you touching my butt.”

To the lady in the elevator for Farting and not saying excuse me

To callers who are too lazy or dumb to get the hell off of the SPEAKER PHONE when its your turn!! T.M.

Matt Shaub’s arm! Screw Em! 3 Peace Dave!

Screw em sux

Rams for being better than the Texans #Screw’em

Do that guy on the morning show that was going to stiff his twin peaks’ waitress

To mike just because….. SCREW EM!!!

To my boss for not turning in my over time hrs

To myself for choosing to go with the traditional route of going to college instead pursuing my passion

To kubiaks loyalty

To bob mcnair for not tanking and blowing up the team to rebuild this season because its over! #ScrewEm

To the Texans for throwing short of the sticks on 3rd downs when our secondary is tested deep every Sunday

To the beltway prices!

To Mike for not kicking Seth’s ass when he ranted about greatness. Ocho

Seth:  I think you have those two names transposed.

To Republicans in Congress for caving

To the Republicans, for once again caving and giving in to Obama, screw em

Screw my wife sitting next to me

To not being able to figure out who you’re playing for screw em

To espn for putting kobe at 24. #NOTFAIR

Screw this crappy beer

To the Defense for letting that Rams Running Back look like a Superstar

To Gary Kubiak for being a glorified Offensive Coordinator masquerading as a Head Coach and his offense still sucks. Screw ’em!!!!!! Patrick in the Yellow Lot

To Gary Kubiak just because he can’t see he sinking the DAMN ship with his “Menu of Bad Plays”

To thinking before cheering. #screwit

To the trashy fans making the rest of us look bad. Screw em! My husband and I are traveling to KC for Sunday’s game and will represent the true texans fans :).


Seth:  I find that highly unlikely.  Are you sure you were holding a football?

Screw Seth for saying you’re not free to cheer injury. This is America not Red China. Chris the A/C Man

Seth for going all Incredible Hulk on mike this morning

Seth:  The Hulk would have at least understood the nuances of Mike’s statement.

Screw the Chiefs 6-0 record vs a schedule that has a .305 winning percentage. They havent played a team over .500 while Texans havent played a team under .500


Screw them 6 years of the offense needs another receiver a running back ect Dump pro bowl off line pay backup QB who was Atlanta tj Yates more than dre

Gary kubiak for “owing” yates 2nd string.

To selfish coaches and coaching

To my HOT teammate in coed softball for always stretching right in front of me ! George

Kubiak for not making a decision

The chiefs being undefeated #ScrewEm’

To Mike for not coming to the decision earlier that Beverley should start. JT

To the Texans playoff hopes

My neighbor who thinks it is ok to park his dually truck with 20′ trailer in front of my house, with the wheels of the trailer in my grass. SCREW ‘EM!!!

To the guys that come in the store and make me work during lunch and hang around asking questions afterwards.

To The 2013 Texans for selling Houston a lemon of a football team then getting mad at us (the fans) for being upset about it

To The Ninja for always showing up late to his show. JT

To Amy and all the other texans fans that cheered with shaub got hurt.

To Panama for not kicking Mexico out of the World Cup #screwem

To Mike’s curtains. JT


To the chiefs

To Matt’s bad posture, screw em!

To Rick Smith and Kubiak for constructing a team built to win in 1996. JT

To my friend Ivan who never responds to my texts (like right now) and then complains about others ignoring his

Bob Stoops. For giving us one more week of Mack Brown.

To fake friends

Kubiak if he starts Yates on Sunday. Screw em.

To wedding planning

Gary Kubiak for not being more innovative and reactive screw em!

Whoever setup Seth’s mic so he sounds like he’s in a tin can. Screw em.

To obamacare

Screw everyone who pronounces case keenum Casey.

To Schaub for never saying anything is his fault. JT

To the guy next to me at the Texans game that refused to stand or remove his hat during the National Anthem. ..screw em

Here’s one: for mike and Seth not responding to my text messages…screw’em


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