The team of the Stars and Stripes has given a spoon full of humility to the Mexican team with a few tweets that were sent out last night. (The first spoonful came last night courtesy of Costa Rica, defeating ‘El Tri’ 2-1) Read the tweets below

Many Mexicans have protested, saying that the messages are in bad taste, or are to make fun of the situation in which the team finds itself in … but they may wine and complain all they want … IS THE TRUTH. Without the “help” of the American team, the Tri was packing their bags home, they were out of the World Cup, but thanks to the American victory in the last three minutes of the match, they have one more chance- although without merit- their dreams are going to Brazil are still alive.

The American tweets were received as insults or jokes by Mexicans, but for Central Americans, like me … they taste like justice, and we praise them for telling the truth…It’s about time someone put the Mexican team in their place and get them off the pedestal that they believed to be in.

El Tri has always believed that they are Gods and masters of the CONCACAF , that they were invincible , and that their only “true ” rival was the American team … but now , they are learning to respect other countries … yes, even those countries several Mexican players and commentators said  “played with a coconut for a ball” or “with a square ball ” … those countries which, according to them, had their fields filled with wholes every time the Mexican lost as visitors. Yes, the same countries they always made fun of and showed no respect to, the same countries that defeated them in this elimination round and have put them on step away from missing the World Cup.

Mexico will now have to learn that to win in this conference they must respect ALL of their rivals , that they must leave everything on the field, play with their heart and soul, and that in soccer nothing is written , defined or is achieved by right … but achieved with effort and hard work.
Although Panama was more deserving, Mexico will face against New Zealand on November 13 to try vindicating themselves before their fans. I just hope they have learned to be more humble and to see every opponent as a worthy opponent.


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