As Heard On MaD Radio
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

There have been a lot of opinions about if people were cheering for Schaub’s injury, and if they were should they be?  This was a new one as a mom calls in to MaD Radio and says she cheered for the injury in front of her kids… despite their protest.

Only identified as ‘Amy’ the caller described her reaction when she saw Schaub laying on the ground, “I was one of the people cheering when Matt (Schaub) got hurt,” she said to Mike Meltser and Seth Payne. “I actually jumped off my sofa at home and just went crazy. My kids were like, ‘God, mom, really?’ And in that moment, it just like, everything culminated in that moment.”

Amy went on to say how the fans have suffered through so much, losing seasons, David Carr and more. And hopefully the Schaub injury was a turning point.

“I felt like the football gods finally heard our prayers. Gave us a break,” she went on. “I wasn’t cheering because i didn’t like the guy or really wanted him to be hurt. But i just felt like, ‘Oh my God, finally something will change.”

“I’m not going to get mother of the year, because like I said it was in front of my kids, and they were teenagers. And my kids were even like, ‘God mom he’s hurt what’s wrong’,” Amy said. “And I was like, Oh give me a break, it’s not like he’s in a neck brace. We’re not going to cheer for that. I would cheer up to maybe a torn ACL and then I’d be more compassionate.”

Amy also said she didn’t want to hear from Schaub and the other players whining about fans cheering and that Schaub isn’t a leader and mopes around on the sideline all the time.

Many of the Texans players came out and said they were upset at the fans in the stadium cheering for the injury of the Texans starting quarterback.



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