By JULIE TAKAHASHI, SportsRadio 610
(Photo Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS Houston)– Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and his team have now lost 2 in-a-row and you could tell Wednesday that they’re going into Sunday night’s game in San Francisco as a united group.

“Anytime you don’t achieve your ultimate goal of winning, you can’t wait to get back out there,” Schaub said. “I could have gotten back out there on Monday and played, but you’ve got to wait a week. Winning cures a lot of things and that’s what we’ve got to do as a football team to get back on track and that takes care of itself.”

Schaub has easily become the least popular Texan this week and though there are many plays and many people that can share the blame it’s the way in which and when Schaub makes his mistakes so grand.

“You know what? I don’t have time to really even process any of that (criticism) because it’s on to the next one,” Kubiak said. “In our world and what I do, I understand what happens when things occur the way they did on Sunday, much the same as, if we take it down the field and we score and win the game, sometimes you get a little too much praise in this position. It goes both ways, but, at the same time, we’re onto the next game. You don’t have time to look at the rear-view mirror and look at your past, good or bad. You’ve got to move onto the next one. You have to have a short-term memory or else you’re going to affected going forward. That’s not the way I am. That’s not the way this team is.”

Schaub threw his third pick-six last Sunday as the Texans were in position to close out the Seattle Seahawks but instead they end up losing in overtime 23-20. When asked if this past Sunday was the roughest moment he’s had other than the playoff loss since he’s been a Texan Schaub simply said, “Yeah, I definitely think so.”

The Texans quarterback has had to endure criticism across the board. Some of it is warranted, others not so much.  This week has been full of jersey burning, ‘burger naming’ and Twitter deleting.

“I don’t think anything about that. That’s someone’s choice,” Schaub responded on the guy burning his jersey after Sunday’s game. “My goal is just to make sure, when we get done this thing at the end of the year, he’s going back out and he’s going to get one to wear.”

“I haven’t been on there since January or the New Year. Why have something that you don’t even utilize? So it’s gone,” Schaub responding to his Twitter account being deactivated after Sunday’s loss. “It has nothing to do with it. I’m not a big social media guy. Has no bearing on anything and doesn’t affect me going forward or regardless.”

Say what you will about Schaub but the guy stood in front of the media and answered every question hurled at him on Wednesday.

“I’ve been around it enough throughout all of my playing days that you just tune it out,”Schaub on tuning-out fans criticism. “You don’t even pay attention to it. You just go out and cut it loose.”

I think the best thing the Texans and Schaub can do right now is stand solidified as a team, don’t lose confidence, make the changes needed to eliminate such game-changing mistakes and move on.

“Good or bad, it’s a long season. I’m not going to change,” Schaub said. “I’m going to be the same guy. My team needs to be the same guy. When things are going good, I’m never going to get too high and, when things are not going so well, I’m going to be the same guy when I step into that huddle for those guys.”

“Ultimately, the harsh part about this business is you have to wait seven days until you can go and get that taste out of your mouth. It’s not like other sports when you play the next night or next day. The only thing we can do as a group and me personally is go get ready to play San Francisco and go win that one.”

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