As Heard On MaD RadioBy Mike Meltser
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

  1. 49ers run defense. The Rams rushed 19 times for 18 yards last Thursday night. You read that correctly. The 49ers just put them in a vice, and there was nothing they could do. The Rams tried short-yardage, delay draws on first down, nothing was working. The Texans HAVE to run the football on this defense. It is an absolute mandate.

  2. Frank Gore – did you see him against the Rams? I don’t care if he is 30 years old and has 8 ACL tears. He’s still fast and strong. He’s averaging over 7 yards per carry in their last 2 games, Indy and St. Louis. Did you see him on that 4th and 1 right before the end of the first half? Yeah, he’s dangerous. I underestimated Marshawn Lynch a tad, but I am not underestimating Gore. He’s still a really good player, and they have road graders up front. They love that WHAM play.

  3. Jim Harbaugh coaching big games – let’s remove the Sunday night games against Seattle from the equation. They led the Patriots 31-3 on Sunday night late last season, and blew the lead, but won probably the regular season game of the year. They beat the Packers in the playoffs, Falcons on the road in the NFC title game, and almost came back to beat the Ravens in the Super Bowl. They pulled a (to me) upset of the Saints in the divisional round in 2011, which I did not expect them to do. Their last game was on national TV, and their defense dominated the Rams. They generally come up big in big spots

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