By: BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis

icf logo2 Johnny Football Already Earning Heisman Votes

With an offseason that left the “old guard” of college football embarrassed by the actions of its Heisman winner, the odds seemed longer for Johnny Football to add a second trophy to the case this fall. But after a JFF – like performance against Alabama, Johnny already has earned one vote. Matt Stevens, former UCLA quarterback, current Bruin radio color analyst, and Heisman voter, joined the INSIDE COLLEGE FOOTBALL podcast to discuss the best quarterbacks in the game today – and if any would be a good fit for a team like say…the Texans?

Why is everyone suddenly so concerned about the well-being and fairness of players who committed no crime, serving the punishment for the players that did? The common logic that reducing Penn State’s sanctions (by allowing them to get back to the total 85 scholarship limit sooner), is the right thing to do, because none of the players or coaches currently in the program had anything to do with the crimes committed by Jerry Sandusky. Well, that may be “unfair,” but didn’t they sign up for it?

After a dreadful weekend of college football – last week the average score in games with a ranked team 45-10, we’ve got a good Saturday slate this weekend. LSU at Georgia should be classic, and there are upset hopes  (are they legitimate upset hopes?) for Ole Miss and Washington State against Alabama and Stanford.

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