It’s the preseason, but don’t think that it doesn’t matter. The Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs threw down in an amazing full team throw-down.

It all started with John Scott and Phil Kessel when words were exchanged and Scott decided to throw down. Kessel, a goal scorer not a fighter, decided for slashing at Scott’s feet rather than throwing punches. This caused some of Kessel’s teammates to defend him.

The full team brawl ensued and even the goalies got into it with the Sabres’ Ryan Miller and Leafs’ Johnathon Brenner dropping blockers, gloves, masks and sticks (it’s a lot more complicated for the goalies) and throwing down.

Ryan Miller went all ‘Anchorman’ after the game, tweeting:

Kessel scored two goals in the game as the Maple Leafs went on to win 5-3 in the tune up for the regular season.

The fight caused 30 penalties to be issued to both teams, including a leaving the bench penalty for the Maple Leafs’ David Clarkson.

Kessel and Scott along with nine others were given misconduct penalties.

The two teams don’t meet until mid-November, but memories tend to be strong in the NHL. The two teams play a home-and-home two game series on November 15th & 16th.

Put that one down on the DVR.