WILL GRUBB, Sports Radio 610By Will Grubb
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Houston (CBS Houston) – Andre Johnson left Sunday’s game against the Titans with an undisclosed head injury. Former Texan Bernard Pollard levied the hit that sent Johnson to the locker room.

“I’ve never seen a more blatant blow to the head, that’s just a big miss by (the officials). Especially a guy like Andre, you want to protect every player but especially a guy like him.” said Owen Daniels.

Pollard wasn’t flagged for the play and was later seen celebrating the play near the Tennessee bench.

“It’s hard for us as defensive players to pick our target, you know, so going high or going low, we ain’t right.” Pollard said after the game. “It was a no call but we will see what the front office has to say.”

It took Johnson several minutes to get up before he was eventually helped off the field. If he has a concussion, he will have to enter the NFL’s five-stage concussion protocol. Even though Pollard knocked him out of the game, Antonio Smith doesn’t think there is any bad blood between him and the Texans.

“That’s my friend so I can’t really talk bad about him. I love Bernard to death. He plays the game with passion and I know he’s not going deliberately to try and hurt Andre.” Smith said.


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