Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers

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Here at Sports Radio 610 we are always looking to grow as fans of the NFL. We take every week in stride and try to learn more about the game we love. So, each week we present to you ‘What We Learned’, where we tell you the most important things from the last week of games in the NFL.  Put your learning caps on and take it in.

Nick Wright:

10 takeaways from Sunday’s games, in no particular order…but numbered to make it look more organized:

1- Reggie Bush is going to be a serious weapon for the Lions, who could contend if they had a competent coach.

2- If Blaine Gabbert is the Jags starting QB at Thanksgiving it’ll be a major upset.

3- Terrell Pryor might end up being the best player on the Raiders entire offense, maybe entire team.

4- Russel Wilson played a brilliant game against one of the best front 7s in the entire league.

5- AJ Green is neck and neck with Megatron for best WR in football honors, but rest of Bengals are mediocre.

6- The St. Louis defensive line is potentially the best in the NFL, and will be the biggest reason the Rams stay in games.

7- Larry Fitzgerald is alive and well, now that he has a competent QB again.

8- The Saints winning wasn’t surprising, but the Falcons only being able to score 17 on that defense was shocking.

9- It’s entirely possible that the Steelers will simply stink this year, which I hadn’t even considered.

10- Colin Kaepernick played a nearly flawless game, without ever really running the football, which is a scary thing.

John Lopez:

As much as we all talk about how bad quarterbacking is in the NFL, at least at the top of the heap, the future could not be brighter. Andrew Luck and Russel Wilson showed just how great they may be — and Colin Kaepernick out did them all.

Mike Meltser:

  • I’m fine with calling the Bills’ effort: a moral victory. I know they lost the game, but Marrone coached a good game, and EJ Manuel showed some flashes. Brady’s conversions on that final FG drive were just brilliant, especially the last 3rd down throw to Danny Amendola
  • I think the Panthers played a pretty solid game against Seattle, but DeAngelo Williams’ fumble just murdered them. They had the ball right around the Seattle 10, and that basically sealed it
  • Bears had an impressive comeback win against the Bengals. I didn’t like much of what I saw from Cincinnati, with the notable exception of AJ Green. They couldn’t generate a pass rush against Jay Cutler
  • Brandon Weeden just can’t play
  • Aside from about 5 just awful plays, the Lions were very impressive against the Vikings. Reggie Bush had 90 rushing yards and 101 receiving yards. Looked extremely fast. I thought Stafford played very well. Ponder was lousy.
  • The Colts did not play a good game against Oakland, unless the Raiders are a lot better than we think. Terrelle Pryor made a bunch of plays running and through the air. Luck bailed the Colts out, which is fine, but I still feel that the regression to the mean is coming
  • No idea what to make of the Titans beating the Steelers. I didn’t see a ton of this game, honestly. Could Pittsburgh just be bad? Is the Tennessee defense that far improved?
  • Blaine Gabbert was 16/35, 121 yards, and 2 INTs. He’s terrible. I’m just worried he won’t be the starter by the time the Texans take on the Jaguars
  • I thought Drew Brees played a very good game against the Falcons. That was almost a must-win for the Saints. Terrific goal-line stand after a very shaky call by Sean Payton to kick a FG with a few minutes left
  • Josh Freeman was 15/31. Stat of the day if I’m a Bucs fan. Brutally disappointing effort against a Jets team ripe for the taking
  • Colin Kaepernick was brilliant against the Packers. Brilliant. I will also attempt to defend Ozzie Newsome for giving up Anquan Boldin. The Packers’ KR units were absolutely abysmal. Abysmal.

Seth Payne:

Earl Mitchell is faster than I thought. He sniffed out the screen and chased down Ryan Mathews like a puma bounding after a hippie backpacker.

Josh Innes:

1. The Broncos should represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Even with Von Miller on the bench they were able to dismantle the defending Super Bowl champs. The AFC is pretty wide open after that.

2. The  people who assumed Arian could just roll out of bed and be a beast were wrong. He looked sluggish. He dropped a few easy to catch balls. Ben Tate is going to make some coin next season. He looked sharp.

3. Texans still have issues in the secondary. I don’t know if Ed Reed is the missing link.

4. The Saints defense was one of the real surprises of the weekend. I recall John McClain saying that Rob Ryan is the most overrated coordinator in history. Well, I’ll take it. The Saints had the worst defense in the history of the league last season. This season they open by pitching a second half shut out against a loaded Falcons team. It could have been the emotion of Sean Payton’s return mixed with an amped up Superdome but I think the Saints are going to be very good.

5. Andre Johnson is still Andre Johnson. The man is a stud.

6.  The call at the end of the Tampa/New York game was a joke. If that were a RB in the first quarter that wouldn’t have been called. It became an issue because it was a QB in the final minute. Geno was not out of bounds yet. How do you tell a defensive player to just stop playing? He’s going full speed to the sideline. You can’t just stop.

7. The Bengals are vastly overrated. I guess being on “Hard Knocks” and getting bounced in the first round two years in a row makes you a Super Bowl contender.

8. Taking Miami straight up over Cleveland was the easiest money I have ever won.

9. Manning Face never gets old.

10. Punching a guy in the helmet makes you a real man.

Rich Lord:

What I learned in Week 1 of the NFL season came mostly from the game I experienced in-person in San Diego Monday night. Two things stand out. First, hard work and perseverance pays off. A lot of teams would have mentally thrown in the towel when facing a 21-point second half deficit on the road. The Texans hung in there, kept playing hard, corrected most of their mistakes and came away with an improbable victory. Very impressive.

Secondly, the Texans now may travel as well as any team in the NFL. I’m not referring to road wins. Instead, I’m referencing the fact that literally thousands of Texans fans made the trip to San Diego for the season opener and there were several times in the game when they made it sound like a home game for Houston. Very, very impressive.

Ted Johnson:

I learned…
1.  That you have to play flawless football to beat the 49ers…and even then chances are you wont.


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