By JULIE TAKAHASHI, SportsRadio 610

(Photo Credit: Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

Houston (CBS Houston) – Texans left tackle Duane Brown said Tuesday that there’s a different feeling this week in their locker room as they continue preparing for their season opener this Monday night against San Diego.

“It’s primetime,” Brown said. “Being able to kick off the season with a Monday night-er is very exciting. You know the whole nation is watching, all of your family is watching, people that typically can’t get the regional coverage (are watching). To start off your season 1-0 on a Monday night, there’s nothing big than that.”

While discussing the importance of this game on Monday night, the Pro Bowler said what will be different for him is seeing Dwight Freeney in a Chargers uniform.

“It’s going to be different seeing him in a different color jersey,” Brown said. “Some guys you see throughout their whole career and you can never imagine them playing with a different team. I think he’s one of those guys.”

Brown had to face Freeney for all five of his years of his NFL career when Freeney was the defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts. Freeney was one of many veteran Colts who didn’t fit the new Indianapolis regime that was brought in to renuild the Colts. When Freeney’s contract expired, he signed with the Chargers.

“We face each other so much that we’re very familiar with each other, Brown said. “ I think it’s a mutual respect between us two. He’s one of my old enemies; he’s definitely bringing it over there (San Diego).”

Brown knows the battle between he and Freeney will be one of the must watch match-ups Monday night because they leaven everything out on that field.

“He’s got a little bit of everything, he’s about 6’1”, he’s pretty heavy so he plays with great leverage, Brown continued. “(He’s) very good at hand placement, he gets his hands inside on your chest he can get a pretty good bull rush. He’s still as dominant as he was in his younger years.”

When asked how he’ll prepare for blocking defensive end Freeney, Brown said, “Study my film from years past and get ready for a challenge.”

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