BY PAUL GALLANT, SportsRadio 610By Paul Gallant

The Texans blew out the Cowboys 24-6, closing out the preseason with a 3-1 record.

I know I get paid to cover the NFL. Which is amazing. But…

1.) In this league, there is nothing worse than the 4th preseason game…
2.) …Except when the broadcasts features “legendary” broadcasting tandem Joel Meyers and Spencer Tillman
3.) …Seriously.

Anyway – when I wasn’t yelling at the TV for that tandem and their blatant fact errors, cliche lines, and lazy lack of preparation – here is what I took from the game.

Oh Hai DeVier

Fact: From what I’ve seen, no Texan put as much effort into this offseason as Posey. He might not have been practicing (recovering from a torn achilles), but he was always among the last guys to leave the field, whether he was catching footballs from the jug machine…or even tennis balls:

And he looked good Thursday night. 2 catches. 18 yards. And another catch negated by a bogus offensive pass interference call.

I don’t know how big of a factor he’ll be in the Texans’ offense the beginning of the season. But by the end of the year? I expect him to be an integral piece.

Welcome to The Show

Willie Jefferson

Willie was great in camp, and showed a consistent ability to create pressure. To be honest, he outshined Sam Montgomery and Trevardo Williams every chance he had. I doubt he’ll play much this season because of his size, but if he can bulk up he has a future in this league.

More importantly, I’m so glad I won’t have to hear Spencer Tillman say “Slick Willie” ever again until next preseason.

Cierre Wood

I was shocked he made the team, because I’m not sure how much he can do on special teams. But he played well, and didn’t fumble 200,000 times like some other running backs this preseason…

Justin Tuggle

When he got reps at inside linebacker against, you got the sense his versatility would earn him a spot on the roster. It did. Boom.

A.J. Bouye

He clinched a spot with his interception. Then clinched my heart with this dance.

Stayin’ Alive

Trevardo Williams

I thought he was a chop block possibility. But just like against the Dolphins (2 sacks) he had some more production Thursday night (1.5 sacks) . Given the Texans past history, I have a hard time seeing Trevardo

Happy Trails

Dennis Johnson

Yeah…you can’t fumble three times bro. Sorry.

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