By JULIE TAKAHASHI, SportsRadio 610

Houston (CBS Houston) – Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak announced during his press conference Friday afternoon that the team will not announce their cuts until the Texans staff have a chance to meet with all the released players.

“Yeah, it’s just, it’s no fun. I mean, you sit in your office and those guys come in there that—first off, it starts last night, to be honest with you, after the game in the locker room,” Kubiak said about making the final roster cuts. “Because the guys were excited. They played good. They felt good about themselves but they know what tomorrow is all about, so it’s a rough night for a lot them. You just try to sit down with each one and be honest about their path. I haven’t met with all of them yet today but the visits I’ve had have been good. I told them after the game, I think we have 75 guys that can play in the National Football League. So that’s the biggest compliment I can give them.”

It has been reported by the National Insider for NFL Network Ian Rapoport, that running back Dennis Johnson has been cut, but coach Kubiak did not confirm.

Some quick takes from Kubiak’s weekly press conference:

  • The Texans had a light workout Friday
  • Guard Wade Smith still isn’t working out with the team, but is doing well
  • Linebacker Darryl Sharpton isn’t back either
  • Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins still hasn’t passed stage five of the NFL’s concussion protocol, Kubiak hopes hopes to have him pass over the weekend
  • Wide receiver Alan Bonner has not returned to the field
  • Tackle Brennan Williams is experiencing swelling of his knee
  • Linebacker Trevardo Williams got rolled up at the end of the game. Williams’ ankle and knee are being evaluated
  • Coach Kubiak will probably make a decision on the backup quarterback position when they begin preparing for Sand Diego
  • Safety Ed Reed will be back tomorrow and the team will make a decision early next week on his availability for San Diego
  • Linebacker Whitney Mercilus could have played last night, but the team wanted to get him ready for San Diego
  • Running back Arian Foster is going to be a 30-carry guy opening night

As the Texans set their sight on the regular season, Coach Kubiak feels good about the preseason, “I feel good about just the camp in general. I think I said this last night, the guys that have been out there working, we’ve had a really good camp. I think we’re really going to improve our self. We’re going to add some really new faces, young faces on this team. But I think it gives us a chance to ascend throughout the course of the season. I feel good about that.”

“The thing I’m concerned about obviously is some guys that we’re counting on huge have missed time,” Kubiak addressed the injuries listed above. “I’d like us all to be working together, but that is part of it. Something we’ll have to work through. That would be my biggest concern right now.”

Texans prepare to travel to San Diego for an AFC matchup with the Chargers, September 9.

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