Josh Reese
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texans preseason has come and went, The Texans went 3-1 winning the 1st 2 against the Vikings and Dolphins then dropping the 3rd to the Saints before ending the season with a sound beating of the the Cowboys in the 4th preseason game. While cuts are looming what was the good, the bad, and the ugly in the final preseason game.

The Good

DeVier Posey
He not only looked good for his 1st action of the preseason, it looked as if he didn’t miss a step. He caught 2 passes for 18 yards in limited action. No telling what his role will be this season but, it is nice to see him back in action.

Running game
Yes it was B team on B team but the Texans running backs were able to rack up nearly 200 yards on the ground. Cierre Wood had 19 carries for 107 yards and Dennis Johnson had 17 carries for 79. While neither back is likely to make the 53 man roster (D. Johnson has been cut) one would make a good addition to the practice squad.

Back up QB’s
While only 1 can be called the Highlander!!!! Both have played well enough to be considered for the number 2 job. Keenum last night started and went 9-13 for 128 yards and 1 TD, Yates took over in the 2nd half and went 8-11 for 109 yards and 1 TD. Since Yates went in as number 2 and never totally flopped, in my mind Yates wins the backup job but the Texans still will keep both guys on the 53 man roster.

The Bad

Dennis Johnson
If there is 1 thing I know about the Texans it’s fumbles will not be accepted!! Johnson has stood out and dazzled in practice and some times during the game, but in 4 preseason game he has 6 FUMBLES and has lost 2 of them. Last night alone had 3 fumbles (He has been cut)

The Ugly

While players in last night’s game gave there all and left it out on the field the simple fact is a lot of these guys won’t be on the team. 8 of the more interesting talents will make up the Texans practice squad.