Josh Reese

Coming off two preseasons games the Texans are 2-0, collecting wins against the Vikings and the Dolphins. Enter the upcoming game with the Saints, the 3rd preseason game is largely considered the closest thing to a regular season game you can play. What players do we need to be watching against the Saints, what 5 players need to step up?

Ben Jones – With LG Wade Smith out till “at least” game 1, it’s up to veteran swing lineman Jones to prove he can be ready to step in at LG if needed. Jones was drafted to be the backup center, but he has played just about everywhere on the line.

Shiloh Keo – It is becoming a very real possibility week 1 against San Diego your starter at free safety is Keo. It’s time for him get in to game shape, keeping up Drew Brees and his targets will be his toughest test yet.

Tim Jamison – Antonio Smith is gone till week 2, this could be great news for Jamison… No he won’t keep Smith from returning to his position. Against the Saints, Jamison will be in the Watt and Mitchell line. If he is able to get penetration he could earn himself more ration time when Smith comes back.

Joe Mays – Mays has leaped frog most the vets in front of him. Mays will get some valuable time to prove he can force pressure and cover RB’s and TE’s. If you can handle Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham it will go a long way to being ready for the regular season.

Rookie OLB’s – People talk about the back QB job, as the best battle on the team. Nay the battle between, undrafted rookies Justin Tuggle and Willie Jefferson and 2013 draft picks Trevardo Williams and Sam Montgomery is not only great but confusing. Tuggle and Jefferson are right now out playing Williams and Montgomery. It is unlikely all 4 will make the team, which guy will step up today!


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