WILL GRUBB, Sports Radio 610By Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston) – For Arian Foster week one against San Diego could be in doubt. The Texans leading rusher has been sidelined with both calf and  back injuries since OTA’s.

At a press conference Sunday Gary Kubiak didn’t strike an optimistic tone.

“(The doctors) want to give it a few more days or whatever that period of time is before they put him back out there. He’s still experiencing some soreness so the decision was made yesterday that he would not return tomorrow.” said Kubiak.

Foster carried the ball a career high 351 times last season leading many to speculate that he was overworked.

“He’s had some injections to try and alleviate some of the soreness and stuff. The way I understand it right now, we’re trying to get through the injection process, that it’s causing some discomfort and it’s something that’s going to take some time for him to get through.” said Kubiak.

Back injuries are notoriously hard to predict. Think back to 2006 when then Rocket Tracy McGrady was in and out of the lineup all year with a back injury. On the other hand, if the injections alleviate the pain, Foster could return week one and be as good as new. Waiting to see which way it goes has Kubiak concerned.

“When you look at that big picture right there, boy, the running back picture is concerning to you.” said Kubiak