HOUSTON (CBS Houston) “Going Green” is a way of life for many and saving the environment is not only about endeavors outside but inside your home as well.

So when it comes to personal grooming and beauty, what are ways you can help to save our environment? Check out a few ways I “go green” when it comes to my beauty regimen!

1. Poppin’ Bottles, Saving Bottles! I will be the first to admit: I have so many beauty products that I could run a drug store out of my bathroom. From creams, gels, serums, powders to brushes and oils, chances are if you have seen it advertised, I have it. Now with these wonderful “magic potions” come the creative and sturdy packaging. Once I finish a product, I evaluate its jar, box or packaging and see if it can be reused. For example, I recently found a great cream for my face. I noticed that I also love fresh aloe vera from the leaf and purchase such every week. So instead of throwing that jar away, I simply reuse it for my aloe vera gel. I cut down on waste that way and I also save money. Consider reusing your jars and boxes once a beauty product is finished. Can you reuse that empty spray bottle? Has that plastic jar seen the end of the road? Give old containers new life with new beauty products.

2. Nature Does Is Best, Sometimes I will be the first to admit; belt tightening is what I aim for when it comes to beauty products. I try not to spend too much money on looking great and you don’t have to these days! So consider natural oils and products to bring out your beauty. Remember my post about aloe vera plants? If you do your research, you will find that aloe vera is one of the most nutrient-rich plants out there. The gel inside makes for a great serum for the face, hair and scalp. Once you have used it, you can discard it knowing that you are not putting harmful chemicals in our environment. Other natural beauty products include olive oil and Jojoba oil which are both good for the skin and the hair Once they are disposed of, you can feel confident that you are not harming our environment.

3. Do You Have To Do The “Throw-Away”? Before burning through all of your disposable products, consider reusing them. For example, instead of that pack of face wipes, could you consider a washcloth that you rinse out with hot water after each use? Before you throw it away, ask yourself does new life exist in it again.

4. Wash Away All That Water Usage! I am one who loves to use water because I feel as if it is cleansing me but when I get that water bill, I am “cleaning out my wallet” to pay it. Marathon showers are great but are they needed every day? Consider cutting back on your water usage during daily grooming as a way to say “I love you” to the planet.

5. Be A Natural Beauty! Instead of buying that expensive mask you just saw in the magazine, consider making your own with ingredients in your home and even your kitchen! I love a great exfoliating scrub made from oatmeal and honey. I mix the two together and place it on my face. Then I scrub for a great glow. When I was younger, my mom used to put eggs on her hair! She would beat three raw eggs in a bowl and then take a drop of her favorite natural oil and place the mask on her hair. So before spending tons of money on the “latest and greatest” in beauty, consider Eco-friendly masks and beauty treatments. They are better for the environment and can really save you dollars!

6. Un-Plug In an effort to save power and conserve energy, consider a day in which you skip the blow dryer and curling irons. Those appliances zap lots of energy and leaving them off really cuts down on power and helps to conserve energy.

Do you have additional ways you “go green” when it comes to beauty? Share your tips as you enjoy related video below!

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