HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Authorities arrested two men after the pair allegedly used a sledgehammer to break into the Chanel Store located inside of Houston’s Galleria to steal purses. Those suspects were accompanied by additional men who also intended to burglarize the store and steal purses.

According to police, the men likely got into the mall through one of the hotels in the early morning hours of Wednesday. Officials believe that the suspects used a sledgehammer and an ax to get inside the Chanel store.

Once inside, the men allegedly took dozens of high-priced and unique purses with each costing thousands of dollars.

Authorities also stated that the men stuffed the purses into trash bags and began fleeing from the store.

Despite having been chased by security guards, the group was able to outrun the security personnel. One of the suspects, however had a confrontation with an off-duty HPD officer in the area. That officer attempted to apprehend the suspect with a taser. The officer was able to subdue the suspect. Eventually, another man was caught and both were arrested and taken to jail. Additional reports indicate that the remaining men in the group remain at large.

Police were able to recover a few of the stolen purses and will use surveillance video to determine an exact number of purses that were stolen to recover the rest of the stolen purses.


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