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The Texans held a closed practice this morning at Methodist Training Center. Here is what you need to know.

>>>Matt Schaub did not practice. He had a death in the family. Gary Kubiak said he will be back in a few days.

>>>With Schaub out Kubiak challenged both Case Keenum and TJ Yates with first team reps.

“We tried to create a little adversity out here today, we don’t have our quarterback.” said Kubiak. “(We) put some guys in tough situations.”

Kubiak also made it clear that TJ Yates’ playoff experience was not going to be a major factor in deciding who wins the backup spot.

“(Yates) has played in playoff games and those types of things but really it’s a new team, it’s time to start over. They all start from square one.” said Kubiak

>>>Wade Smith’s injury appears to be worse than originally thought.

“The knee swole up on him, (he) had a big bone bruise, it hasn’t responded that last few days the way we wanted it. We’re reevaluating him.” said Kubiak

>>>The team waived inside linebacker Evan Frierson and signed inside linebacker Elliot Coffey.

>>>Tackling was an issue against the Vikings. The Texans did multiple drills to directly address the problem but Kubiak is not willing to do is allow full tackling during practice.

” I don’t want us to lose somebody in a pile. I think the way you lose players is guys going to the ground and rolling up on each other so we’re really coaching people to be athletic and stay up and protect their teammates.” said Kubiak.

>>>Brian Cushing missed his second straight day with illness.

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