HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When it comes to laundry duties, there are ways in which you can play your part in being kind to our environment. Check out these ways that your laundry can be Eco-friendly and still leave you with fresh clothing!

1. Watch you temperature. A tremendous amount of energy associated with doing laundry involves just heating up the water. To reduce energy costs, turn that dial to cold. I do it with my dark clothes as well as my colored clothes. Even blood is safely removed in cold water. I simply our hydrogen peroxide onto the stained clothing, watch the bubbles from the peroxide and put it in the wash, on cold water. It really works!

2. When you choose to wash, try to wash full loads. I used to be one of those folks who would run a washer (and dryer) several times a week, for small loads! ( I know…call the police now.) But I have found that actually letting the clothes pile up on the floor and washing full loads is beneficial instead of several washing and drying sessions during the week. Reducing the number of loads you do each week will save time, water and money.

3. Do you really need to dry it? I love dresses and I love dresses that do not have to be dry cleaned. I love washing my dresses but to save time and energy, I take them right out of the washer and hang them in my closet to dry. In fact, I try not to use my dryer at all if I can. For towels, I will use it because I do not want them to smell sour. However,  for light clothes, I simply take my clothes out of the washer and hang them up. I find that they are completely dry in several hours and that detergent smell is locked in!

4.An Energy Efficient washer and dryer could be a great bet for you. Please do not ditch your current washer and dryer for a more energy efficient one but if you are in the market for new appliances, consider ones that are kinder and gentler to our environment.

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

5. Natural products. If you are laundering your clothes with soaps and detergents, consider ones that are natural. Natural laundry products tend to be free of chlorine bleach, perfumes, synthetic fragrance, dyes, and those brighteners. I replaced some of my soaps with natural ones and I have to tell you that my skin as well as my clothes look better and feel better. Sure, you may find that the regular brands smell great but what many times, chemicals that harm our environment bring about that great smell. Also, I have been using pure baking soda (which costs less than a dollar!) in my wash. My clothes feel great and smell great with a cup of baking soda in the wash. Baking soda is natural, it works and it is friendly to our environment.

6. Do you really need that dryer sheet? Many of the chemicals–including synthetic fragrances—found in conventional dryer sheets can be questionable for human health and the environment. If dryer sheets are a must for your laundry, consider ones that are a bit more Eco-friendly. There are natural ones out there.

Do you have additional tips that could aid in more Eco-friendly laundry? Share them and watch related video below!

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