Knowing about the ins and outs of a business and how the economy works isn’t only helpful for someone looking to go into accounting or management. The knowledge of business and entrepreneurship can help someone take their business’s brand to the next level through marketing and forging relationships with today’s consumer, something especially helpful with our local markets expanding. Lorenzo Marquez, vice president of marketing for Cosentino, talks about how his education has helped the Houston-headquartered kitchen and bath stone surfacing company make it big in the home remodeling business.

Vice President of Marketing for Cosentino Lorenzo Marquez (photo courtesy of Lorenzo Marquez)

Vice President of Marketing for Cosentino Lorenzo Marquez (photo courtesy of Lorenzo Marquez)

What degree program did you study? What does your current position entail?

“Entrepreneurship and marketing at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Developing marketing strategies that promote Cosentino’s product offering and help grow market share through various channels that include merchandising, advertising, public relations, communications and training. As part of my responsibility, I oversee the marketing budget and activities for our national corporate efforts as well as the regional activities at more than 20 locations throughout the country.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role? 

“Absolutely. Through my studies at the Center for Entrepreneurship, I was able to evaluate a business from an overall perspective, not necessarily focusing on one main area but developing a skill set that allows me to evaluate all angles–sales, logistics, accounting, operations–with a strong emphasis on the financial impact. To this date, that knowledge and broad perspective allows me to develop well-rounded strategies that support our business growth, increase product awareness and protect the company’s bottom line.”

Have you participated in any form of continuing education since beginning this position?

“I have not participated on a specific program, although I am continually learning and improving my skill set by working with very talented professionals. In this industry, continual knowledge is key. It’s important have continual education, whether it’s through peers and mentors or more traditional educational opportunities.”

Do you have any advice for people who would be interested in pursuing a similar career?

“Enroll in a well-rounded education program and surround yourself with individuals that can help you learn and grow by sharing their own experiences and insight. Ultimately, this helps you build character and supports the knowledge that you’ll gain from the educational program.”

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