Let’s start off today’s blog post by getting this out of the way.

spacer1 Two New Position Battles Emerge

I feel in some way vindicated by that commercial because we’ve been pushing Haiku Humpdays now for almost the entire four month duration of our show and while I caught some flak for A. Using the term humpday because apparently only old people use it according to some texters and B. I guess Jim Rome did a Haiku bit on his show back in the day.

To clear it up – I’ll be the first to tell you that years of reading the newspaper and listening to the radio as a kid helped plant the seed for my love of radio and then as a young man in the Navy back in the day, Jim Rome inspired me to try this gig out for a living. Now, I’ve listened to Rome on and off for the better part of the last 15 years, but I never once remember him doing a Haiku skit, which doesn’t mean he didn’t, it just means it wasn’t Rome who gave me the idea.

Haiku Humpday was actually born from reading the Chronicle online one day and catching a story about the city naming its first poet laureate. So, in honor of the city’s first poet laureate, yours truly, who was an English minor at the greatest university in the history of man – Kansas University – and also dabbled in some poetry classes – tons of women in those classes fellas – decided to roll out some Haikus on you guessed it – Wednesday. Ted, Lara and I had fun with it that first night, texters chimed in and the segment was on and popping.

Now that you have the backstory, here are the themes for tonight – Case vs. Yates and in honor of this story  – leaving a note for someone after finding out the morning after you unknowingly slept with their companion.

Ted and I discussed last night, which if you missed last night’s show, the last hour of the program was one of the best hours of radio I’ve ever been a part of, that we expect the second theme to provide some of the best Haikus we’ve had to date, and to be honest, I feel we could have some Hall of Fame worthy considerations tonight.

Here’s some motivation to get your minds right.

Alright, enough with the fun stuff, let’s get down to brass tax.

Suddenly we have ourselves a full-blown position battle on our hands, and no, it’s not the exhilarating, pulse-pounding, keep your phone next to you at all times for text flashes (see what I did there 610 management) or ravage Texan message boards to find out who’s going to be your starting………. Right tackle.


I’m going to do you one better – we’re talking backup position battles….!

Oh no he didn’t! OH YES I DID!

There are two that intrigue me right now, and let’s hope one of them doesn’t factor in this season.

If you’ve been listening to the show at all or reading this blog – and shame on you if you aren’t, of course, you won’t see this if you don’t, so for those of you that do, shame someone in your office for not gleaning this knowledge that I spit so feverishly.

As I was saying, ya’ll know that I’m disappointed right now with TJ Yates – and as the late, great Michael Jackson once said, I’m not alone in that sentiment.

I’m not sure what MJ’s thoughts are on the Texans backup quarterback race are, but Head Coach Gary Kubiak said yesterday after the team’s first practice that Yates can definitely throw the ball better and that Case Keenum has had a very good camp thus far. Folks, I know I’m not a native Texan, but in Kansas, those words mean only one thing:

That backup quarterback position is up for GRABS.

What that also means is there is reason to really watch preseason games into the third and maybe even early fourth quarter.

The other position battle that’s getting a little run is backup OLB. I know, we’re talking about backup battles. Work with me people. You’ve got a good football team with more mental questions than roster questions – that’s not a bad thing. Ted Johnson would tell you the same thing, and he’s a jacked-up radio host who played Middle Linebacker 10 years in the NFL and won three Super Bowls. WORK WITH ME.

But here’s the deal, and then I gotta go cause I have to watch training camp and mean-mug other HTown media types, Beaumont’s very own Willie Jefferson after nearly a week of training camp is making more noise than the two guys the Texans DRAFTED – Sam Montgomery and Travardo Williams. Sam has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, and Travardo, well, I’m going to make sure he’s still on the team when I get out there today cause dude has been quieter than a church mouse so far.

Will an undrafted rookie free agent from I-AA Stephen F. Austin really beat out two guys from BCS Conference Schools? Let’s put it this way, my money says yes. Willie is hungrier, the coaches see it, you know his teammates see it, Rick Smith sees it, hell, MJ up in Heaven sees it. Is MJ in Heaven….? Eww. I’ll leave that alone for now.

That’s enough out of me Ladies and Gents. Make sure to head out to Coaches in Katy tonight off I-10 just past Highway 6. There’s this crazy burger, The Flamethrower that is supposed to be the TJ Yates of burgers… Ha..! I’m kidding. It’s passes aren’t sailing and it doesn’t look unenthused. Haikus, Texans talk, Flamethrowers, Brews, and I’m sure there might even be a pretty girl or two there, so bring your happy asses out tonight.


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