Passing out on the floor can mean a couple different things. Perhaps I went out and got so rowdy on a Monday night that I came home only to stumble to the floor and pass out.


After another successful show Monday night – if I dont say so myself – I came home Monday night, ate a bowl of cereal, and made my way to the floor where I dozed off watching The Late Show with David Letterman. I didn’t even make it long enough to see Denzel Washington.


I tell you guys this because I’m making sure to get plenty of sleep this week with everything we have going on with the show and with Texans training camp. For one, we have three remotes this week. That has to be some kind of 610 record. We’re in studio tonight and then it’s like the studio is being used for a blood drive over the next three nights because Teddy J and I will not be there to drop knowledge on HTown like we always do in that spot from 6-10. We’ll still drop knowledge, but instead it’ll be at: Coaches in Katy, Taps House of Beers on Washington, and Friday in Clear Lake we’ll be at Cabo.

Whew. That drive home for Ted back to the ‘Ball on Friday will be none too fun.

Alright, so, I’m about to head out the door and make my way to Reliant for training camp, but there are a couple things I will be looking for this morning.

The play of TJ Yates. I said last night, he did not look good on Sunday while Case Keenum is playing like a guy who’s on football’s death row but keeps getting stays of execution. I never thought Keenum had a legit shot to be a factor on this team, and God willing, he won’t be this season, but I love the kid’s moxie and he’s a hard worker, so I’m not counting him out at all when it comes to him grabbing that #2 QB job.

As for Yates, this was a guy that I openly campaigned for as someone who should get more of a shot at the starting QB spot heading into last season and even at parts of last season when Matt Schaub played so poorly. But nothing I’ve seen out of him so far in two training camp practices has me excited or even remotely encouraged. However I may have caught him on his two worst days of camp. We’ll see again today.

Willie Jefferson is another guy I’ll keep an eye on, as well as Travardo Williams. Jefferson is intriguing because he really does look like a basketball player lining up at OLB with his slight lower body. As for Williams, I’ve heard nor noticed nada out of him so far, which isn’t a good thing but it isn’t a bad thing either because its not as though he’s royally screwing things up. He’s just not out there a whole lot – yet.

Finally, I wanna see some serious hitting. We haven’t seen any yet, and that dismays me. I don’t know if they’ll be in full pads or not today. I guess I’ll find out when I get there. Thanks for reading errybody, I’ll talk to you tonight.



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