My partner coined a term over the weekend and all I could do when I saw it was laugh.

One of our most loyal fans, Bunny, tweeted at Ted over the weekend to give me a hard time because this space – Pigeon Toed with Tats – had gone silent for nearly two weeks. And of course I said a month or two ago that I would be steadfast in adding content or my random thoughts everyday leading up to the Mud Run Challenge on August 17.

Needless to say, I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain, and for those of you that called me out, thank you.

Thus, Ted added that I suffer from “Attention Deficit Fredtosterone Disorder” where essentially I’ll forget something immediately after saying it. Considering Ted has worked with me for more than a year and our show has been going strong on a daily basis now for three-plus months, he would know better than most, and he might be on to something.

Enough of all that, bottom line, I’m blogging today, so eat your hearts out baby.

Before we delve into this week and I offer a random take that you’re more than welcome to use at your office water cooler, how about the week of sports talk last week from Fred and Ted…? I told Mr. Johnson last week, I’ll pull back the curtain a little bit, we usually BS in the parking lot for a few minutes discussing the show before we depart for the evening, that I thought without a doubt last week was the best week of sports talk we had done to date.

And I mean that from a consistency standpoint, as the show had a nice flow throughout the week, there was no shortage of topics to discuss and we had great listener/texting interaction all week. I’ll take that. Sure there was nothing going on last week from a sports perspective, and no, the All-Star game doesn’t count. But with solid guests all week – and I’m not apologizing for Hub Arkush – love ya MaD Radio – this week looks to continue that tone.

So what does that mean for this week….? I’m glad you asked.

The obvious hit is you’re about to get IN-undated with Texans. Not that you don’t mind. The two-time defending AFC South Champions begin training camp in earnest this Friday and you boys Fred and Ted will have the latest and greatest for you on training camp with Ted’s insight, my off-kilter observations, great interviews and a little video for those of you right-brain thinkers out there that learn visually. We’re equal-opportunity baby, what can I say.

But that doesn’t go down til Friday, so until then, we’ve got storylines we’ll continue to hit you with. What’s today’s..? Tune in at 6 p.m. today and we’ll tell you. Don’t forget the Fred and Ted Training Camp Position Group Primer. Today’s group? Tune in at 615 and we’ll share it with you. And then a little something I came up with – our “Bleep or Get Off the Pot” segment – players Ted and I feel need to step up this year.

As for tonight’s show, we’re still putting that together, but best believe we’ll be rocking and rolling and ready to go for your listening pleasure. We’ve got a guest or two planned, but I can’t divulge the details just yet. Fair or Foul will be at its usual 7pm time slot and at some point Ted and I will recap our always eventful weekends… That’s partially tongue-in-cheek considering my weekend was pretty low-key this weekend, which isn’t a bad thing.

That’s all I got for now, Happy Monday everybody and we’ll see you tonight at 6 – 1800 for those of you adhering to the 24-hr clock – on Houston’s Sports Leader, Sports Radio 610.


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