I am one who knows lots about the Kilt skirts and oxford shirts! Spending the majority of my time in Catholic schools, uniforms were a staple.

Little did I know that my mom used tricks of many trades to get great deals on my school uniforms! Check out this list of great ways to save money on school uniforms as students prepare to head back to school!

1. Check with friends! My mom was great at networking and asking friends that she knew who had children who attended my elementary school. Many times, we found that other moms just gave us sweaters and skirts that were required for my uniform. Most of the time they were brand new! In many instances, they were “gently used” garments that were great to wear. I mean, how much update can you give a plaid skirt? LOL

2. Search the Internet. Many times, you can find the same plaid skirt that’s needed for school on places like eBay, or even in local shops that have taken pictures of the uniforms they sell. For example, I went to St. Scholastica in Detroit and the plaid there was composed of a “hunter green” with red and yellow stripes. It was a “true Catholic fashion statement” and was quite popular. So show the plaid you are consider buying to your child’s school and see if it is a match. Some of the plaids and uniforms out there are popular and required my many schools.

(Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

3. Consignment Shops! I have said it once and I will say it again… consignment shops are treasure troves of great merchandise. For uniforms, I had to wear oxford shirts (and yes… with that button down collar”.) Many of the men’s shirts at those consignment shops were great for school! Nowadays, many uniforms require a “polo-style” shirt and many of the colors can be found at consignment shops.

4. Coupons and Sale Papers, Please! During my elementary and middle school days, my mom would find great deals in local newspapers. They would come in July right around this time when thoughts of “back to school” would fill heads and hearts. So do consider those papers and leaflets for great savings on school uniforms.

5. Network! During “back to school events” and during community outings, chances are there are children who are attending the same school. Many times, other parents will swap or donate uniforms and uniform clothing at garage sales, churches or other events or places that summon a community. So see what’s out there in your own community!

These ways helped my mom save a lot of money when it came time to shop for school uniforms. What tips can you add to the list? Add them and watch related video below!


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