HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Summertime is a great time to explore the rich and festive fashion statements that straw hats make!

From outings with friends to a day at the beach, straw hats are great for not only shielding the rays of the sun, but complimenting a short set as well as a sundress! Check out ways you can welcome a great summer straw hat into your summer wardrobe!

(Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

1. Straw Hats and Summer Dresses Have you ever thought to couple a summer straw hat with your summer dress? You can do so and look amazing! Summer dresses are great for whimsical looks and a great asset for a night on the town with friends Also, don’ forget to wear a summer straw hat on that great date! Consider a round brim summer straw hat as a wonderful compliment to your dress! Whether you have a floor-length halter dress or a floral print mini dress, try a great summer straw hat to your look!

2. Men, Shorts And Summer Straw Hats For You! Men, have you ever thought to couple a summer straw hat with your short set? You should try it. A summer straw fedora or a small-brimmed hat is a great compliment to that linen short suit or short set.

3. You, a “Suit And Tie” … And Straw Hat! Ladies and gentlemen… if you are considering “suiting up” this summer, then consider adding a straw hat into the mix. A summer straw hat is a great compliment to your festive and formal summer wardrobe. Consider ones that have bands that match your tie or an article of your clothing for a great flowing look. Perhaps you can add a splash of color and add yellows and blues to streamline your look. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with a great summer hat with your evening look!

4. Keep It Simple With Your Summer Straw Hat Perhaps you just want to add a “dash” of flair to your outfit that assembles jeans with a top. Add a summer straw hat to the mix! Summer straw hats are great assets to a look with jeans and add a bit of flair with a great, casual look!

5. Attention Cowboys! Real Cowboys know that a summer cowboy hat added to the summer wardrobe is the true fashion statement for any southern style! Add summer hats with your country look and watch as you “round up” all kinds of compliments!

Click here to view more summer hats and watch related video below! Will a straw hat be a staple of your summer wardrobe?


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