HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Bellaire High School students have reason to celebrate but will certainly not text and drive to convey the excitement. Students at the high school are the winners of the Mayor’s Youth Council contest surrounding Mayor Parker’s “It Can Wait”, Houston anti-texting campaign.

According to City of Houston officials, several impressive videos found their way to Mayor Parker’s desk:” A total of 11 videos were submitted by students from high schools all over the city. The Memorial High School Debate Team and Kingwood High School took second and third place, respectively. The videos will be promoted through social media and the winning submission will be used by the Houston Fire and Police Departments in safety presentations at area schools,” added Houston city officials.

Mayor Parker who has displayed passion about the dangers of texting and driving is seeing this latest endeavor as one that will drive home the message of demise when it comes to texting and driving: “Our youth tend to think nothing can hurt them, that they are invincible,” said Mayor Parker. “That is why it was so important to me that they be involved in this campaign. It’s clear they took my charge to them very seriously. Their videos do an excellent job of depicting the dangers of texting and driving. I hope their messages will help convince their peers, as well as adults, to put the phone down while driving. We all have to change our habits and refuse to put our own lives and the lives of others at risk.”

Memorial High School respectively took second place, (click here to view their video creation!), while Kingwood High School came in third place for their efforts. You can view the Kingwood High School “no texting and driving video by clicking here.)

Watch the winning video below, from students at Bellaire High School and remember… please no texting and driving… it can wait, OK?


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