Ahh yeah….

It’s Wednesday so that means two things.

the first thing that it means is that we’re that much closer to the weekend, as well as much closer to training camp starting in the NFL which means we’re that much closer to September 9th  when the 2013 Texans close out week one of the NFL schedule in San Diego against the Chargers on Monday Night Football.


The second thing that Wednesday marks is Ted and I are on “remote número dos” tonight as part of the Beer, Burgers and Balls Extravaganza where Ted and I look high and low across the Greater Houston Area in search of the best burger in the area. Tonight that means Mojos in Humble, or Atascocita according to a Texter last night.

Sorry man or woman, I’m just reading the liner book.

So that’s going down tonight from 6-10pm, which means there should be a lot of fun out there and you should all find time to make it out there because ya never know what kind of discussion the show could delve into.

The Best part about tonight though, besides eating hamburgers, is HAIKU HUMPDAY!!!

Yes, that’s right, the segment that critics call “riveting,” “life-changing”, and “you’ll know what day it is when you hear “Haiku Hump-Day” is on tonight and we’re pushing it back to 830 tonight. Why? Because we can. Also, Chronicle columnist Randy Harvey will be joining us at 730, so it gives you all more time to come up with clever little haiku…

Sound good…?? It gets better.

So what are the themes? I thought you’d never ask. Take a look below!

1- The New Look Rockets

2 – In honor of Anna Benson – Crazy Exes….!

That’s it ya’ll. We’ll see you tonight.


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