HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When it comes to vacationing and deciding to get a hotel room, there’s nothing quite like a comfortable, clean and colorful hotel room, that was purchased at a great rate.

Check out ways you can save your money and still be treated like the king/queen you are ,staying at temporary residences!

1. Have a budget in mind. You planned a great vacation, now take the time to see what you can afford. Chances are you want something that has a great view, has great amenities and offers wonderful perks accommodations. So take all you want into account and get a budget for your room.

2. Ask friends and family members for their assistance… and points! Many friends of mine travel and earn points for hotel stays. Most of the time, they offer those points to me for free or discounted hotel stays! Ask around and see what friends and family have and perhaps you can work out some sort of trade of goods!

3. Be flexible when it comes to dates. I know it’s difficult to be flexible if you are flying to that island getaway and you are in need of a room, but if you are taking to the road to drive to your oasis, then consider being flexible with your travel dates. Just like airlines, hotels have “blackout” dates and specials that they run during certain times of the year.

4. Choose locations and choose them wisely. Just a matter of feet from some grandiose attraction can make the difference when it comes to money. Choose your locations and consider walking to wonderful places as opposed to finding a hotel right next to them.

5. Hit the Internet! Many websites offer great deals on rooms and can save you great money. I lucked up on a great room in Las Vegas during my weekend with the girls. I went on a site at 2 a.m. one morning when I could not sleep and found a great room! I then called the hotel to ask about the room and went to the hotel’s website. Folks are quite pleasant at 2 a.m. in the morning when you inquire about their hotels. I do not recommend setting your alarm clock to 2 a.m. to get a great room, but hey… if you cannot sleep, then put your insomnia to great use! (LOL)

6. Consider alternative housing. If you are wanting to book a beach trip, then see who has a beach home for rent on the Internet. Sometimes a hotel stay is great but a house swap or house rental is even better!

7. Deals and coupons are always out there on great hotel packages so keep an eye out for them, even if you are not planning a vacation. It’s good to know who has what to offer when it comes to great rates on hotel stays. Sometimes you can be inspired to take a trip, knowing that you will spend close to nothing on your accommodations.
I visited and found some great savings on rooms. Perhaps you will too!

Do you have additional ways you save on hotel rooms? Share your tips and watch related video below:


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