I haven’t done radio all that long.

When you factor my time in radio where I’ve actually been paid for it, it’s only been roughly 18 months. Point is, I’m still a work-in-progress in the radio game, and when you consider my on-air partner in crime, Teddy J, has been doing radio for barely 13 months and together we’re nearing our three-month mark as a show, there are still things we continue to learn and grow from as a radio show.

Last night was one of those experiences.

All day yesterday I was excited about landing Slim Thug on the program. His tweets from Monday citing reasons why Dwight Howard should come to Houston were stuff of comedic genius and they were cited everywhere from Grantland to Deadspin. So getting the Boss of All Bosses who’s a proud Houstonian to jump on the air with us was a nice get in my eyes.

But when 830 rolled around, and then 840, and then 850 and finally we went to break at 857 and Slim Thug was nowhere to be found, well, I was peeved to say the least.

I was mad because I told the listeners, Fred and Ted’ers, that Slim Thug was going to be on our show. And while it was out of my control, I was still irritated. So just when I had given up on the idea of him calling in, it was 9:04 and Ted was about to delve into the ‘Know Your Foe’ recap, I saw the phone line that I had given the number to Slim’s booking manager to, light up.

“Is that mother’f*****’ Slim Thug callin’ in’ I though to myself…

I looked through the producer’s glass at Lara and the intern. The intern was on the phone. I asked Lara – ‘is that him?’ – she nodded yes.


It was on and poppin.

What ensued were 11 great minutes with Slim Thug, who really was a solid interview and he gave a fantastic piece of advice to anyone trying to make it in the music game, radio game – or whatever game you’re in – hard work pays off.

Of course you guys all know how a good interview can change my view on someone – Slim Thug is now one of my favorite people.

Lastly, to put a bow on last night’s show – and Ted and I talked about this after the show – nights like last night are why I got into radio. Sure, there’s not a lot going on right now in the world of sports, but we put together a fun, informative and entertaining show for four hours. We laughed, I got mad, only to get happy again, and we did it all with a smile on our faces. Hopefully those listening enjoyed it too. And if you didn’t… Well, Listen to somebody else. YO!

Tonight’s Show – to manipulate a favorite movie title of mine – THERE WILL BE FUN.

This is Ted and I’s first ever real remote at the Brickhouse Tavern and Tap – located in Humble off 1960 and 59 – (you can hear me reading that liner can’t you?) So you know it’s going to be fun from that perspective.

It’s Wednesday night so you can expect a little Fair or Foul going down at 7pm as always, Know Your Foe at its usual time of 630, and tonight it’s my team, the Kansas City Chiefs, so 610 in Kansas City’s Josh Klingler is going to jump on with us and talk a little KC Chiefs in 2013. Week 7 – Beware Texans Fans….! You heard it here first.

Also, considering we’ll have a live studio audience – we’re going to break out a little Ask Ted and Fred, and maybe, since we’re not going to be around Thursday and Friday – You Better Get Organized. We’ll see.

And last – but certainly not least – HAIKU HUMPDAY BABY.

Themes are as follows – Dwight Howard and Breaking Up. Proceed Accordingly Folks.

We’ll see you tonight at the Brickhouse.


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