HOUSTON (CBS Houston) This week, hundreds of Fourth of July celebrations will take place all over the country! From the huge to the heartfelt, there will be great food, folks and fun for everyone!

Check out these ways you can celebrate Independence Day without breaking your bank!

1. See what you have at home. Before you venture out to buy all of the red, white and blue you see on store shelves, check out what you have from Fourth of July celebrations past. Every time we throw our Independence party, we do a search of our home and always find great cups, plastic utensils and other items! Sometimes you do not need to spend money on essentials; they’re right in your home.

2. This week, check for sales on not only party materials but food as well. Stores will have sales on hot dogs, meats, fish and other foods and if you get those items early, you will be in great shape! Also, check sale papers and clip those coupons!

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

3. When it comes to throwing a great party, share the fun and share the wealth. For those friends coming over, give each of them a job, such as making and bringing the punch, someone else can bring pies and cakes while another person can bring a food item. Don’t allow yourself to purchase everything that will be needed. Many times, friends and family are happy to help out and share costs!

4. Activities are great and can also be shared by all when it comes to cost as well as fun! So tell your buddies to bring the board games, cards and movies as you and your home prepare to host and welcome guests. Sharing the fun is a great way to ensure folks celebrate just how they want to celebrate.

Do you have other tips you use to save money when it comes to hosting Independence day parties? Share them as you enjoy related video below!


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