HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – With the 2013 NBA Draft just hours away, the Rockets have a limited amount of time to trade their way into the first round. The Rockets may be working to trade Thomas Robinson to free up cap space for a free agent signing such as Dwight Howard.  According to Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk, a trade is imminent.

“Well, first off in the case on Robinson, they are definitely trying to move him. They are definitely looking at a variety of options in the first round and which guys they may or may not want, which teams they want to deal (with) and wisely.  You wait.  Look, offers are going to come flying at you all day today and they’re only going to get better as time goes on. So, patience is really the option,” Helin told SportsRadio 610’s MaD Radio on Thursday.

Should the Rockets trade their way into the first round, they could pick an international player who would stay oversees.  This would allow even more cap space to become available for signing a free agent like Dwight Howard, who is reportedly not interested in returning to Los Angeles.

“Really the buzz is around the league that more and more, they think he is not going back. He didn’t enjoy the experience in L.A. He didn’t enjoy playing for D’Antoni, even playing with Kobe, and that when he starts really looking around and he says well Houston is a fresh slate. Let’s be honest, with him and Harden and Parsons, the rest of the guys on that team, that’s a contender and so he’s looking at that as a real possibility.”

During the 2012-13 season, Howard ranked first in the NBA in rebounds per game (12.4), defensive rebounds (694), and defensive rebounds per game (9.1).  Howard finished second overall in double-doubles (48), field-goal percentage (0.578), and total rebounds (945).

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