That headline got your mind worked up a little bit didn’t it?

Of course it did. Get them out of the gutter though, or keep them there, makes no difference to me, as long as it keeps you reading… If you follow me on Twitter – and shame on you if you don’t – although let’s be honest, I’m not that clever when it comes to my tweets, and as my partner Ted points out, I’m the John Madden of Tweeting… #obviousobservations

Shameless plug anyway – @thefreddyd – and while you’re at it – go follow Ted @teddyjradio – because you’ll be glad you did.

Back to my weekend.

So after channeling my inner 17-year-old PAL League Hoops Skills at the LA Fitness on Saturday Afternoon, where I was the point man for a 3-0 win streak that included several coast-to-coast drives to the basket, I hooked up with my boy Elie Bejjani and a few friends for the Dynamo game at BBVA Compass Stadium.

First off, can we get some AC in that place….? My God. It felt like Abu Dhabi for the first 45 minutes of the contest and I was sweating like a hooker in church the entire time. Not to mention I was probably five out of 20,000 people there that wasn’t wearing orange or something that said Dynamo on it. Instead, I channeled my inner ghetto white guy and rocked my Notorious B.I.G. shirt. Biggie trumps the Dynamo in my book, but next time I go to a game, I will rock something Orange. And as one of the members of our party, Miss Courtney, who is a Dynamo fan and yelled during what seemed like critical times of the game, the amount of Orange in the stands is certainly a talking point for Monday’s show.

“There was so much ORANGE!” or something to that effect was her comment. We all agreed.

The game, which featured the Dynamo against the Toronto MLS team, was all knotted up at ZERO at half time, which meant it was still anybody’s game. Problem was, 48 minutes, another gallon of sweat and little to no breeze later, the game was still knotted at ZERO.


Wait a minute, did I just sweat through my jockeys to see NO ONE SCORE?

Yeah. I did. Kinda reminded me of the first time I had… Whoa. We’ll save that for another post…

What made the game memorable besides the controversial amount of orange in the stadium that is sure to light up the phone lines on Monday, was the fact that I parked literally 75 feet from Elie and we took a drive around the stadium before I realized as much. Oh well, it spurred a half-hearted Robot Harlem Shake from me as I crossed the street into oncoming traffic to retrieve the Red Rocket.

The game was still fun save for leaving dehydrated and the low scoring; which I’m proud to say I predicted prior to the contest. I’m the Alexi Lalas of this MLS ISH…! Or something like that.

Then there was Sunday. I took a much needed day off from the gym. Not only because I worked out Monday through Saturday, but these 32-year-old knees don’t respond as quickly as they used to when you dominate youngsters on the court for over an hour the day prior. Either way, I’m still the best ball-handler in Houston Media.

Sunday was pretty much a Field Day for those of you Navy types who know what I mean. Yeah, I cleaned. Hell, I did so much half-ass cleaning that it prompted me to take an hour-long nap. It was that kinda day folks.

Then my boy Scott ‘Weezy’ Winer, who directed the TV show I did in college, reminded me the show Mad Men was on and I said the hell with it, I’m watching it to see what all the fuss was about. I’d heard of the Jon Hamm dude, who plays Don Draper, and then I’d heard of the red head on the show with the absurdly large – natural – breasts – Christina Hendrickson.


What a great season finale, and I’ve never even seen the show before, and I tweeted out as much. Follow me people. It’s worth it. Okay maybe not. Do it. It could be worse.

Seriously though, the show was interesting to watch, and Draper talking about his upbringing in front of the Hershey execs was great television and even better writing. I wasn’t raised in a brothel but I grew up in some interesting spots and have a story that came to mind when Draper was telling his about the Hershey bar. Looking forward to getting acquainted with this show from the beginning.

How bout that..? Two first-times this weekend, I might as well be 17 all over again…! Or was that 16..? Ugh. It was so short-lived, does age really matter…?

This is the part of the blog where I tell you what we’re going to do on the show this week….

Here’s a tease – KICK ASS RADIO. How bout that. See you tomorrow. Sleep tight Kiddos.


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