It’s good to be a Miami Heat fan this morning.

After the meltdown from LeBron in the closing minutes of Game 6 to the resurrection of the Heat season thanks to Jesus – Shuttlesworth of course – with the clock winding down – even bandwagon Heat fans can breathe a sigh of relief following an entertaining seven-game series. LeBron more than redeemed himself in Game 7, absolutely taking over in spots and hitting key jumpers all night that ultimately proved too much for the aging Spurs to overcome.

As a fan of good basketball, all I ask for in the Finals is a good series. And over the past two weeks, we more or less saw good basketball most nights. It may not have been from both teams in certain games, but the two best teams in the NBA were playing for a Championship, and that was evident in Games 6 & 7.

Over the next few days, we’ll hear where the Spurs went wrong, how their 5th Championship evaporated over the course of 28 seconds in Game 6 and why in the hell was Tony Parker sitting on the bench in key moments at the end of both Games 6 and 7..? Truth is, we’ll never know the complete truth right away because Gregg Popovich will give some BS answer that insults the questioner. We’ll have to wait for a Tony Parker Sunday Conversation or interview with a French radio station this summer before we truly find out what the hell was going on.

However the Spurs talk will pale in comparison to how many times we’ll hear “LeBron’s Legacy” and “MJ” and “greatest ever” thrown around the rest of the summer. Even Aaron Hernandez will get tired of hearing it. It’s inevitable. With nothing of any substance outside of baseball going on over the next 5-6 weeks before NFL training camps commence, we’ll be inundated with who, what, when, where, why and how LeBron stacks up to MJ.

I’ll say this much – LeBron isn’t done yet. So why are we bothering? He’s won two titles, Michael has six. End of story. For now. The more interesting debate to me is what can we reasonably expect from Dwyane Wade moving forward? I won’t bother you with that discussion for now, because, well, we’ve got 5-6 weeks to talk about it.

A guy who wishes he had nothing to do over the next 5-6 weeks is the aforementioned Aaron Hernandez.


Friend of the program and one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state of Texas, Todd Ward, joined Ted and I last night to talk about the Hernandez saga from a legal standpoint and he predicted last night that it didn’t look good for #81 and it was probably only a matter of time before he got arrested, and sure enough, according to multiple media reports, including WBZ in Boston, an arrest warrant for Hernandez has been issued.

We’ve talked about this on the show the past two days and I brought it up on CSN last night – sporting the Tom Cruise ‘Collateral’ look by the way – this offseason has been un-Patriot-like as off-seasons go in the Belichick Era. Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots other freakishly talented tight end, is out for the first six weeks of the season following back surgery and will start the season on the PUP list. Wes Welker, Tom Brady’s favorite target the past six seasons, is in Denver. Tim Tebow, who gets press picking his nose, is the team’s third string QB and is bandied about as a possible TE for the team, was signed and caused a distraction.

Yet none of that combined matches the possibility that Hernandez could be culpable in the death of another human being.

These developments are going to rock the Patriots to their core despite what anyone says. For as much fun as it to be a Heat fan right now, it’s not quite the opposite feeling being a Patriot fan, but there is a palpable concern this team is in bad shape heading into the 2013 regular season. And in the NFL where everyone is looking for an edge, teams on the Patriots schedule and at the top of the AFC food chain – I”M LOOKING AT YOU TEXANS – have to be licking their chops at a chance to pounce on the Pats.

As for the show tonight, it’s Friday, which means tonight is the pre-party to the VIP Party as Ted and I are headed to the Playboy VIP Party at The Marque tonight in City Centre. I’ve never been to a VIP Party before, so I’ll be sure to let you guys know tomorrow how it went. Also tonight, we’ll have our usual Fair or Foul, You Better Get Organized, and plenty of Finals recap and the latest and greatest on the Aaron Hernandez situation. See you tonight at 6.


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