I’m worried about my prediction.

No, not last night’s pulse-pounding thriller of a Game 6 in which I predicted the Spurs to take out the Heat – which they should have.

No, I’m concerned with tomorrow night’s ball game, Game 7, because I don’t see where the Spurs can come back from what happened last night. Kawhi Leonard missing the first of two free throws that probably would’ve iced it, or even more befuddling, Gregg Popovich, the greatest coach of his era not named Phil Jackson, opting to leave out Tim Duncan AND Tony Parker in consecutive end of game scenarios – regulation and OT.

And as I tweeted out last night, the fact none of the reporters questioned him about that in the post-game press conference is inexcusable.

Ted and I both predicted two weeks ago the Spurs would win in Seven, and you bet your butt I’m sticking with that. We’ll have plenty more to discuss tonight on the show after what was to me, perhaps the greatest Finals game I’ve ever seen. Of course the question is, and as usual, I’m torn on this, can Game 7 live up to Game 6…? We’ll see.

For tonight’s show, it’s Haiku Hump day folks, and well, the themes are as follows:

1. Game 7

2. Miss Utah

Of course we’ve got Fair or Foul going down at 7, Haiku Humpday at 730, the Giveaway that won’t Go-Away, KWAL Paint, and finally, we’re down to the FINAL THREE SPOTS of the Mud Run Challenger – So ladies, get your butts in gear and tell us why you should be a part of it tonight………..

Teddy J – I’m off to the gym for you know what  – #ClinicTime.

See you tonight at 6pm Fred and Ted’ers.


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