Did you know that beauty and wellness is just a plant nursery or greenhouse away? Aloe Vera plants are wonderful when it comes to providing hydration, moisture and great healing properties to your body.

Check out these ways Aloe Vera plants are several beauty regimens in one plant pot!

Now I have nothing against Aloe Vera gel, but it’s been my experience that Aloe Vera plants are very wonderful aids for beauty because the pure Aloe Vera works wonders. Check out how!

1. Burn Relief– Last year, I cooked a pan of turkey bacon on the stove. Since I was in a hurry, I thought it would be wise to crank up the stove setting and cook it faster. Here is a personal note from me: never rush the cooking of turkey bacon. You should have seen my face! It looked as if I had just walked out of a house fire. I went to the doctor and had second degree burns on my face and arms from the grease popping. I went to my local greenhouse and bought three Aloe Vera plants. I sliced open the leaves of the plant and placed its contents on my face. The gel-like and clear insides were therapeutic to my burned face. In a matter of a day, the redness was gone and in a matter of about two weeks, the scars were beginning to heal! With my plants, I captured that watery substance from the plants and combined them from the other plants to make a salve. I placed the salve in the fridge so it would stay cool. I also applied it three times a week so that my face could heal faster.

2. Skin-Speaking of faces, did you know that an Aloe Vera mask can do wonders for your complexion? It’s true. For a wonderful beautiful treatment, slice open those Aloe Vera plant leaves and “scrub” the insides of the plants on your face. Go watch a show for about 30-an hour or find some activity to become involved in and then rinse off. Your skin will be supple, and hydrated. Many folks do not even wash the pure Aloe Vera off. They let it dry and leave it on overnight! Skin that is hydrated does not have time to wrinkle or attract acne! So drink plenty of water and give yourself that Aloe Vera treatment soon!

3. Hair Conditioner! The insides of Aloe Vera plants are great for hair conditioner! Take and slice open a plant leaf and place the “juice” and gel in your scalp. Then follow up with your favorite hair conditioner and rinse. Your scalp and hair will be hydrated and healthy!

4. That Before-Shave Aid-Before you shave your face men, or women before you shave your legs,coat those areas with the inside of an Aloe Vera plant. You diminish the chance for nicks, redness and irritation!

5. Razor burn or Sunburn?- If you have razor burn or sunburn, then coat those irritated areas with the inside of an Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammation properties and diminishes irritation and burning.

Aloe Vera plants are very inexpensive and can be found just about everywhere plants and flowers are sold. Remember not to eat it or place it near your eyes or mouth. Just enjoy the beauty and wellness it brings your body!

Do you have additional Aloe Vera tips? Share them and enjoy related video below:

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