HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Metta World Peace knows exactly where his teammate Dwight Howard will be headed once free agency is underway on July 1.

“Well, he’s not going to Houston. I’ll tell you that,” Metta told SportsRadio 610’s MaD Radio on Monday.

The NBA’s most sought after free agent big man has been a hot topic in Houston for the young Rocket team.  The Rockets’ James Harden has supposedly even offered to help recruit Howard.  What makes the outspoken Metta World Peace so sure?

“The bulls that you bullfight…those things that you tie those things to the bulls that make them go crazy? I got two of those things tied to Dwight Howard’s testicles, so he can’t move,” he said in the interview.

Oh, come on. It’s Metta World Peace. Did you expect a straight answer?  In all seriousness, MWP who was promoting his new children’s book entitled Metta’s Bedtime Stories, says he will not be making a case (forcefully or otherwise) for Howard to stay in Los Angeles.

“Well you know what? I’m not going to try and convince him but definitely, I enjoy him. No question about it.”

Metta World Peace may not be pulling any rodeo tricks to keep Howard in town, but his desire to continue playing with his teammate is a compliment to the all-star center.

“He’s a great person. Whoever receives Dwight Howard, they are going to enjoy their time with him.  Hopefully, it’s the Lakers.”

Metta World Peace is also very enjoyable. Catch the entire interview on SportsRadio 610 by clicking here.