Summer is upon us and efforts to improve our environment even in the good ole’ summer time can still be beneficial! Your summer fun doesn’t have to take a backseat in the name of being Eco-friendly. Take a look at ways you can still help our planet while enjoying the summer months.

1. Get On The Good Green Foot– If you have found great activities to partake in during the summer months, then consider “greener” ways of transportation or “green” your way to that wonderful event! Carpool to that community BBQ, walk to the community pool instead of driving or simply take a bus to that downtown art fair!

2. Grill On The Goodness– Chances are you are just like me: summertime is just not summertime without a great BBQ! Did you know however, that propane burns much cleaner than either wood or charcoal briquettes? I know… I know… there is nothing like a hickory-smoked slab of ribs or salmon and steaks. If you can resist the charcoal and wood, try to do so. One of my friends could not let go of the charcoal so he found an all natural hardwood blend of charcoal which was better for the environment.

3. Local Food -Summer time is a great time to enjoy great and wonderful fruits and vegetables. Houston and surrounding areas have great places for wonderful farmer’s markets that harvest, grow and sell great fruits, vegetables and nuts grown right here in Texas! Click here to learn more!

4. Reusable Dishes– Instead of Styrofoam and paper dishes that you throw away and that also create piles of waste, consider using reusable dishes for your summer dishes. Many companies make low cost dishes that can be washed, rinsed, dried and used again.

5. Watch the Water Summer time is a great time for the little ones to enjoy running under sprinklers or taking splashes in inflatable pools. Consider limiting those sprinkler days and after the kids finish their fun in the pool, consider covering it with a tarp so that the water can be used again for their next water adventure. Afterwards, use that water to water vegetables, plants and grass in your backyard if it is chemical-free. Reusable summer water can sometimes help save resources!

Do you have additional ways you “go green” in the summer months? Share them as you enjoy related video below:


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