HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – It seems like the Texans right tackle position is somewhat cursed these days. With starter Derek Newton and third-round draft pick Brennan Williams both on the sidelines with knee injuries, the Texans were down to sixth-round pick David Quessenberry and veteran Ryan Harris in OTAs and minicamp.

While Quessenberry’s knee is fine, his truck apparently was not. On June 8, the rookie tweeted a picture of his white Ford F-350 pickup truck and asked Houstonians to “keep an eye out.”

The truck was later recovered by police.  According to Quessenberry, it was “being used for human smuggling.”

It appears that the Kingsville police were even involved in a car chase to recover Quessenberry’s truck.

After the conclusion of the Texans mandatory minicamp Thursday, Quessenberry told the media that the car thieves will be charged with human smuggling as well as grand theft auto.

“Police finally got them. The truck’s not banged up too bad and I appreciate everyone’s support,”  he said.

With all this bad luck going around for Texan right tackles, only one guy has steered clear. Just keep an eye out for yourself, Ryan Harris.