By DEEPI SIDHU, SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Texans’ inside linebacker Tim Dobbins finally showed up to the team’s first day of mandatory minicamp Tuesday.  Last week his agent David Canter stated that Dobbins was in Nashville and would certainly be back for all mandatory team activities, after media scrutiny regarding Dobbin’s absence from the team’s voluntary OTAs. Upon his return, Dobbins finally revealed what he had been doing while his teammates were in attendance for the three-week long organized team activities.

Home renovation.

“I had obligations to my family,” Dobbins said Tuesday. He talked about his house in Nashville that he had owned for a year and how he was working on it himself.  Dobbins,who re-signed with the Texans for a one-year deal worth just under $1 million, said that his absence was in no way related to any contractual issues with the team.

“I have nothing against this franchise, this organization. I appreciate the contract they gave me. I mean, as a person, you always want more th0ugh,” he joked, “but it’s definitely nothing with that at all.”

Dobbins, entering his third season with the Texans, felt that his role on the team was mostly special teams which he had covered. While he would like to move up to a starting position on defense, he did not feel his presence (or absence) would make a difference.

“My first goal on this team is special teams and I hope they know I know how to do that. As far as being a starter or backup, I feel like that’s second nature. I feel like my role on this team is special teams. I mean, it would be a positive thing or a plus thing for me to play on defense but that I don’t know. I don’t have no control over that.”

While the Texans were all in attendance for the team’s voluntary OTAs, minus safety Ed Reed who is recovering from hip surgery, Dobbins was the lone player who opted not to come but gave no one a reason, leading to much speculation as to why he did not show up.

“I’m pretty sure I let some of the guys down but at the same time, I’m hoping they understand. I hope they understand that I’m here and when I’m here, I’m giving them 110% of everything I have and there’s nothing else left in the tank.”