One major component of talk radio, regardless of the genre, that can either help enhance, cripple or stagnate a show are you – the caller.

Some people feel that more calls make for a better show, others, like Jim Rome, ‘More of me, less of you,’ his tongue-in-cheek barb at callers, illustrates that fewer callers make for a good show. I can’t remember who I heard say this, but if your show is dependent on callers, then you have a bad radio show.

My philosophy is simple – I want GOOD callers.

There’s no number that Ted and I agree on that we’re going to take a certain number of calls, and like any radio show, some topics get people more fired up than other topics do and the phone lines automatically light up.

Think Vince Young or What to do with the Dome? for instance. Always guaranteed to get people fired up. Tebow is another one, even in Houston. Hell, last Friday, Ted and I planned on talking two segments about Dwight Howard, but we had so many folks chime in on the debate that it lasted nearly two HOURS. That doesn’t mean the callers are going to dictate a show, but that was a good topic that people were legitimately interested in talking about and it worked. Sam in Rosenburg, who is an F&T Guy, (we’ve got some show news tonight too) not only chimed in on the regular line, but while on hold, actually qualified for the KWAL Australia Trip on his burner phone too. That’s right, Sam working two phones at once.


Last night, in the nine o’clock hour, which is when we tend to open things up and the show goes from PG to R-ish and we usually get into non-sports related topics, we delved into online dating thanks to a wonderful piece from The SciGuy Eric Berger at The Chronicle. The article was about the number of marriages that derived from online dating.

Ted and I had a feeling that we could get a good story or two about the horrors of online dating, but in no way did we expect the online dating brilliance that came from Scott in Clear Lake, who for nearly seven minutes, shared the dos and donts of online dating. It was pure gold.

Again, if you have ever thought about dabbling in online dating, well, Scott just gave you the 411.

Inspired by that, Scott is now on Twitter  – @ScottinClearLake – and I urge you all to follow him.

As for tonight, and I apologize for not getting this out earlier today, but my power was out and hey, I had errands to run and muscles to get swoll, so here it is, but it’s Wednesday, which can only mean one thing…..


The topics are as follows – Online dating and PEDs.

Oh yeah. Get your minds right Greater HTown. Plus, Ted and I announcing a new segment for this week…. And I take tips from you guys on how to improve when I return to the television on CSN.

It’s going down – 6pm – Kimble Anders, former Chiefs FB and Galveston native at 630, NFL.Com’s Elliot Harrison at 8 to talk NFL Head Coaches and Haiku Humpday at 730… We’ll see you tonight.


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